THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV: Optimization Guide

It’s no secret that THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV is poorly optimized. In this guide I will collect suggestions that may help you to run the game more smoothly


Running the game in Direct X 11

If you have an older PC or are experiencing performance issues in KOFXV on PC, adding “-dx11” to your launch options to force the game into DirectX 11 mode might help you run the game more smoothly. Credits to twitter user @JohnXuandou

Disabling V-Sync

To disable V-Sync for KOF XV on PC, it’s the same as SFV.

1. Go to the configuration file location:


2. Edit Engine.ini with notepad
3. Add this at the end of it:


4. Save file

Enjoy lag-free KOF!

credits to twitter user @VA11Pato

Game not using full CPU

weird issue I found.
my KOFXV was using only 4 out of 12 threads of CPU. it shouldn’t be so by I changed it to use full CPU thereads & the FPS drops completely gone for both DX12 & DX11. (I still recommend DX11 though). Credits to twitter user @BogardMajeed

Potato Mod

KOFXV Potato Mod is done! Check it out on Gamebanana:

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