The Land of Dasthir Walkthrough

Here is a full walkthrough for The Land of Dasthir. enjoy the game.


The Land of Dasthir Walkthrough

Ganzer Village
  • You are free to explore after the opening scene.

    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: The Adventure Begins

  • In the second floor of the Headman’s House is a chest with [Potion].
  • Outside, there’s a chest with [15G] in the southeast.
  • One of the wardrobes in the Inn has a [Potion]. Also, when you have more gold, stay at the inn for an achievement.

    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Sleep like a baby

  • Garleof’s House next door to the Inn has a [Magic Water] in a chest.
  • The weapon shop has weapons and armour. The weapons are useless but the Iron Plate could be useful.
  • The items shop has healing items and can up your max HP by 10 for 5G. The latter does not work. Don’t waste your money! The owner also wants her quartz crystal which we’ll get to later.
  • Exit the village.
World Map
  • There are six places of interest on the world map.
    1. Ganzer Village
    2. Fairy Spring – pond just south of Ganzer Village in the forest
    3. Kiravil Temple – building on the south side of the riverzz
    4. Abandoned Mine – west of Kiravil Temple
    5. Gefril Cave – directly north of Ganzer Village
    6. Dasthir Castle – northeast of Ganzer Village
  • Go to Kiravil Temple.
Kiravil Temple
  • Grab a [Potion] in a chest in the west and an [Empty Bottle] on a shelf in the east.
  • Approach the statue in the middle and teleport to the Temple of Terra.
Temple of Terra
  • Examine the organ in the corner to get the [Iron Key].

    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Medicine For The Soul

  • Return to the world map and go to the Abandoned Mine.
Abandoned Mine
  • Go west/northwest first if you want all the treasure. In the far northwest corner is a chest with [5G].
  • Otherwise head east from the entrance and circle around to the north grabbing the three chests along the way for [10G][Potion], and [10G].
  • Head down the only stairs.
  • Go north at the first fork to a chest with [8G].
  • In the southeast corner is [Magic Water].
  • Down the centre path is [5G], east of that is [Potion].
  • North of the chest with [5G] is a boss battle.

    Boss: Soul Stealer (1200HP)
    This guy loves to inflict blind/confuse/sleep. Luckily he only deals ~20 damage (with Iron Plate equipped) at level 1. Use a potion when you drop below 50HP and he shouldn’t cause any trouble.

  • You receive the [Holy Cross] after the battle.
  • Walk into the blue flame north of that to return to the world map.
Fairy Spring
  • Make a separate save here (SAVE #1). We should be able to get Spring Water from the pond… but this achievement doesn’t work in this version. We’ll restore to an older version and use the save you just made later.
Dasthir Castle
  • Go north and head inside.
Main Castle
  • Random encounters here are way stronger compared to the Mine, especially the Cerberus. I recommend grinding to level 3 by the entrance.
  • Save after every battle and when you’re under 100HP go back to the Inn to heal.
  • The two rooms nearest the entrance have chests with [Potion] and [5G].
  • Go right and up the eastern side of the castle to chests with [Potion] and [Potion].
  • Return to the entrance and up the west side, eventually to a room with [5G] in a chest.
  • Continue on your way to stairs leading down.
Lower Castle
  • Down and left when you can. The second cell has a [Full Potion], and at the end are chests with [Potion] and [10G].
  • Return to where you went left and down the stairs.
  • Make a separate save here (SAVE #2). There’s another broken achievement nearby but it doesn’t work even in the older version. The save is just in case someone figures out a solution.
  • Go left to a hole in the wall. Through the hole is [20G].
  • Return through the hole and up the stairs.
Main Castle
  • Go right to [5G] in a chest.
  • Save then go up the stairs.
Audience Room

Boss: Garleof (2000HP)
At level 3, Garleof can deal ~100 damage so heal (use the spell first, then potions) when you’re under 150 HP. Use Tackle whenever you have the SP, otherwise stick to regular attacks. Follow this strategy and you should kill him easily.

  • You receive the [Crystal] after the battle.
  • Exit southwest to a chest with a [Potion] if you’d like, otherwise take the blue flame back to the world map.
Walkthrough Part 2
World Map
  • Stock up on Potions at Ganzer Village. Also buy ~5 Antidotes in case you are poisoned.
  • Return to the castle and grind to level 5. There’s a nasty bug in the next area that makes it a bad place to train.
  • Level 5 is also the max level, so you can skip the game’s remaining random encounters.
  • Go to Gefril Cave.
Gefril Cave
  • There are chests with [Potion] and [Magic Water] if you climb up the vines in the middle.
  • Enter the cave.
Cave Temple Ruins

Bug: The way you entered the cave leads to Gefril Cave B1 instead of Gefril Cave.
If you need to go back to town, you need to go through Gefril Cave B1 and Gefril Cave 1F to get back to Gefril Cave.

  • From the entrance there are three general directions to go.
  • West are stairs leading down to chests with [Antidote] and [Heru] (need Iron Key).
  • East has a chest with [Potion] and stairs leading down to another chest with [Potion].
  • North is the way forward. First is a chest with [12G], then go up the stairs to the raised area which leads to stairs going down.
Cave Temple Lake
  • Left is a chest with [Potion].
  • Right, then upper path is a chest with [10G].
  • The lower path has stairs leading back up. Continue following this until you’re back in the Cave Temple Lake. There’s some [Quartz Crystal] on the ground here.


  • Continue along this path and you’ll eventually reach a new area. Heal up and save before going *down* the stairs in Cave Temple Lake.
Dragoon’s Tomb

Boss: Lamia (3000HP)
Even at level 5, this boss requires a lot of luck. She can lock you in a confuse/sleep/poison loop and kill you from any HP.
Attack with Dual Attack every turn with the occasional Armour Break if SP goes above 50. Heal whenever HP falls below 400. Even following this strategy, it took three attempts and 10 potions.

  • You receive the [Goddess Feather] after the battle. As well as [Falchion] and [Mithril Armor] which should be equipped.
  • Go north. Before using the blue flame, examine the big tombstone.


  • Back to the world map.
World Map
  • Turn in the quartz to the item shop owner for the [Dual Ring].
  • Go to Kiravil Temple and warp to Temple of Terra.
Temple of Terra
  • Talk to the woman for the Rune Stone.
  • Exit.
World Map

This is the last chance to stock up before the final boss. That said, I wasn’t able to beat the final boss in my current state. 800HP at level 5 wasn’t enough when the boss has an attack that can do ~500 damage or hit three times at ~120 damage each. Using potions whenever HP falls under 400 doesn’t work either because your Agility isn’t high enough and the boss goes first.

I ended up reverting to an older build where the HP boost function worked, dumped my 250G into boosting my HP to 1300 and reverted back to the current version to beat the final boss. More information on how to do that is below.

  • Go to Dasthir Castle and take the long trip back to the Audience Room.
Audience Room
  • Save before entering north.
Throne Room
  • Answer: “No”.

    Boss: Leon (4444HP)
    Leon is easy to beat since he doesn’t hit hard. Use the same strategy used to beat Lamia and he should go down after a while. You deal a lot more damage with the Falchion so he’s even easier than Lamia.

    Boss: Dulanus (6666HP)
    This is the boss I had trouble beating with 800HP.
    He’s much more manageable with 1300HP and I just followed the same strategy as above. Dual Attack whenever possible, and heal when below 50% HP.
    Super Guard reduces your attacks by 90% for 4 turns, either attack with Armour Break or just guard for 4 turns to save SP.
    Always heal after he uses Nuclear, it can deal 500+ damage.

  • Ending.


Download this version:

-app 545700 -depot 545701 -manifest 467119129022413223

Instructions on how to do so here.

Go to the where your backup of the original files are stored and copy the *.rvdata2 files over to
…\steamapps\common\The Land of Dasthir\. These are save files.

If done correctly, it will say v1.1 in the title bar when running the game. The current version is v1.3.

HP Upgrade

Go to the Item Shop and talk to the owner to increase your HP by 10 for 5G. After you finish upgrading, save by examining the campfire outside the Inn. You can’t save from the menu in this version.

Note: I only reverted to v1.1 once right before fighting the final boss (as mentioned in the walkthrough). I can’t guarantee there won’t be compatibility issues if you rollback at other points in the story.

Playing v1.1

This version is even more broken than v1.3. I’m fairly certain it’s impossible to finish.
You can’t equip weapons, and you can’t farm for experience because the first enemy in the game is the boss in the Abandoned Mine. The boss is unbeatable because your regular attacks deal 0 damage.

The Sacred Spring
  • Do the steps above to play on v1.1.
  • Copy SAVE #1 over to the folder with the v1.1 files.
  • Travel to Fairy Spring and examine the sparkly point in the lake.


The unknown path
  • This achievement is broken. It won’t unlock on v1.1 or v1.3
  • This achievement is supposed to unlock when going through the gap in the wall in Lower Castle.

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