The Last One Month: Available menus and Actions in Game Lobby

Game tips for available menus and actions you can use in The Last One Month Game Lobby.


01. Item Specialization and Talents

You can unlock Item specializations features when your account level reaches level 3, 8, 13, 18, 23.

You have to choose between two item specializations, which enhances the effectiveness of consumable items. Please keep in mind that you can only enhance one consumable per category. For example, you have to choose between enhancing a healing potion or a large healing portion.

You can unlock Talents when your account level reaches 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.

You can think of Talents as passive skill of players. It is bound to your account, no matter the class that you are going to play in the world. Most of the talents are not related to combat directly, but it helps you prepare yourself in a better way. For instance, when you are trying to recruit a Friendly NPC when you are aggressive alignment, it would be difficult. For these cases, you could spend your Talent points to increase the chances.

As your account level rises, these Item Specialization and Talents allows you to create your unique play style and strategy.

02. Alignment System

You can see your alignment from Statistics > General Information in the lobby. Your alignment changes with the actions that you take.

The color of the character name represents your gameplay style. If it is close to red, it means your alignment is close to Aggressive. Blue means your alignment is close to Friendly.

If you see any player with a red color name, it means that they are likely to be aggressive. We suggest you keep a distance if your level, gear and number, and grade of NPCs are comparably weaker than them.

03. Alliance System

Through alliances, you can avoid battles between users and form a force to protect yourselves.
You gain Friendly alignment if you form or join an alliance.The alliance will automatically break if there is only one remaining player in the alliance It can occur by situations including player death, withdrawal, or transfer of an alliance member. When an alliance no longer exists, the items in the alliance bag will be dropped in a box at the location of the last remaining player.When you are in an alliance,

  • You can request help from your allies during PVP battles through the Alliance Call.
  • You can participate in the PVP battles of your alliance member and help them by intruding.
  • The number of intrusions you can do is limited to 3 times per battle. When an intruder dies in the battle, he returns to the world with a small amount of health restored. Please keep in mind that Intrusion is only possible in user-to-user battles, and cannot be used against NPCs.

You can use a horn to instantly move to your alliance members. You can either use it to help other members being attacked, or use it to escape when being chased by other opponents.

One of the greatest things about an alliance system is you can form a group to prevent an attack from the higher-level player with better gear and NPCs. You can also share your items and NPCs with your alliance member to support each other.

It is similar to the premade duo/squad system in other battle royale games, but the alliance system in TLOM allows players to form a group even inside of the game while players are playing it.

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