The Last Secret: Quick Walkthrough 100%

This walkthrough describes how to complete “The Last Secret” with a good ending. Moreover, I explain how some of the special endings (in particular with Meilin and Ben) can be achieved.
This guide is full of spoilers! Please only consult it after trying at least once by yourself, otherwise you might enjoy the game less.


Walkthrough The Last Secret – Overview

There are in total 8 good endings and a number of bad endings. The CGs in the game are not restricted to good endings, but occur at many places during the game. There are also some music pieces, in particular “Conspiracies”, one of the three vocal pieces, that are not accessed on the main routes, but in bad endings. This guide focuses on how to get to the good endings only.
For the romantic endings it is important to keep in mind that the game will allow you to pursue same-sex romance and the story will also change accordingly (e.g., like in real life, some characters might be surprised about this). If you want to activate this, you have to go to the options in the main menu and turn on the “rainbow mode”. If you want to have romance with the other sex, then you have to turn off “rainbow mode”. Changing the mode will only affect the game when it starts, not when you are in the middle of it.
There are not more options of gender choices than male and female, since frankly spoken, offering a full range of variants would make the game too complex to handle. Think about it as role playing: you play a high school student (even though you might not be one) and have no other option in the game. For the gender that you play, you have two options and you can play one of those (regardless of your own gender).

Another advise: when the game asks you to enter a name, I recommend to pick a “normal” name, e.g., your own one. Characters in the game will address you with this name and after a while it might feel weird and unnatural to be addressed by everyone as “R2D2” or “cutie angel”…

Good endings

The first 6 good endings can be reached directly from the start of the game, they are:

– One good ending without romance
– One good ending each with any of the five main characters (plus one additional variant with Anna)

The final two good endings can only be unlocked after a sufficient number of the other good endings have been reached. In fact, you need to have reached either one good ending each with Anna, Meilin and Karina, or the two good endings with Honghong and with Ben, and then play the game again with the same gender constellation.

To reach any good ending, you have to avoid all the bad endings. How to do that? We will see soon…
Bad endings, however, might reveal additional information about the overall story, so you might want to try them out if you really like the game.

How to avoid bad endings?

To avoid bad endings just follow these instructions:

Chapter 1: (Chapter numbers in the game are given as binary numbers, e.g., 00100 means 4.)
When it comes to decisions about how to handle your strange abilities, always follow Honghong’s suggestions, then nothing bad can happen. All other decisions and puzzles are irrelevant for this purpose.

Chapter 2:
Avoid to enter a wrong code into the iPad! If you do it, you will have a bad ending. (You can of course go back in the game to undo this.)
Also avoid to abandon your group after leaving the restaurant.

Chapter 3:
If you do some research about aliens on the internet, chances are that you get a bad ending. However, this is a very interesting bad ending that gives you one more song, so you might want to try this out once (but save before you do it!).

Chapter 4:
In this chapter, it is very easy to die. In order to avoid that, you have to chose these answer options when they appear:
“I follow you”
“I have heard two songs…”
“Maybe the accident doesn’t happen during the concert?”
“Why not?”
Other choices are not relevant for avoiding bad endings.

Chapter 7:
Don’t accept Mr Smith’s offer, leave together with your friends and chose the train on platform 2, not on 1!

Chapter 9:
Here you can reach a bad ending either when you are running out of time (after walking in circles) or if you walk into the wrong direction and get caught. Also, you can get a bad (and very sad) ending when you are with Meilin and have a fight with her.
To avoid all that, you need to walk in the following directions at the crossings:
straight – straight – follow the road – turn sharp right – straight until the bridge – turn left after the bridge
You will be asked sometimes by your friend to turn around or decide differently, but stick to the above directions and everything will be fine. Your friend’s sense of direction is not flawless…

Chapter 11:
You have to win the match against the superhumans. How to do this? Just copy the moves of Karina’s opponent on your own board. Karina copies the moves of your opponent, and this way one of you will win which is sufficient to save all of you.
(By the way: in case you lose the game, you will be sent into space to die. Anna will desperately try to tell you how to use your Omega device to save the day. Maybe you know a movie where a device with this name saves the day…? If not: what Anna means is that you should simply roll back in the game, because only you have this ability!)

Chapter 12:
Getting the laser weapons for your friends is extremely dangerous and the most difficult mini game in The Last Secret. You can avoid doing this by just letting Honghong do this task. (If you want to do it by yourself, follow closely Karina’s instructions and plan and time your moves extremely well, then you will ultimately manage. Remember that this part of the game is in real time, so every second counts!)

After you survived this, there is no way anymore to get to a bad ending.

How to win the minigames

To reach the ending, you also need to finish several mini games. Most of those can actually be skipped! This is usually obvious (if Karina asks you whether you want to solve some math problem, you just answer no, e.g.) Sometimes it is not so obvious or you even have to solve something by yourself:
– In the escape room scenario in Chapter 2, you can ask Karina to solve the riddles for you (click on Karina’s picture to activate the dialogue). Your friends will then mock you a bit, but do it without you.
– In the investigation of the old painting:
1. click on the button of the shirt of the man on the left side,
2. click the corn next to the board,
3. click on the white stone on the top left corner of the board.
Afterwards chose “Both stones on 4-4 are white” and “Because in old times one placed stones on these points”
– When trying to close the circuits in Chapter 12, after a wrong attempt Karina will simply show you the solution.
– The right path onto the mountain in Chapter 13 is the third one. Once you are up, walk to the left group of mountains.
To reach specific romantic endings you might have to solve some of the minigames a bit better in order to prove yourself. This will be specified below.

While these instructions will help you reach a good ending, for some specific good endings you need to do better… Especially Karina likes you more when you prove yourself to be smart… To learn more about how to solve all minigames I refer to the wonderful guide by AnimeMarkus.

Walkthorughs to some specific good endings

Good ending: Friends forever

If you want to reach this ending, just avoid romance with any of your friends: you can always say no if it comes to a romantic moment, and actually if you do not actively pursue any character it is unlikely that it gets very romantic anyway.

Romantic endings:

In order to reach any romantic ending, you want to be able to go on a date with your love interest in Chapter 5. (This might not always be necessary, but makes things much easier.) In order to do so, you need to make him/her like you (and of course also take the chance for a date with him/her during the conversations in Chapter 4).
Also during the date and in the next chapters you have to do the right things to make them like you even more. In the following we list all the points that you can do in order to make them like you more, but not all of these points at once are necessary, so you can leave out some of these points and still succeed.

Good ending: Meilin

Chapter 1:
Take side with Meilin against Karina
Chapter 2:
Follow Meilin’s suggestion
Say that the escape room was creepy
Run after Meilin
Say you are joining in too
Chapter 3:
You’re happy she’s not an alien
(Write down Mr Li’s phone number, you will need it later!)
Chapter 4:
Invite Meilin
Chapter 5:
Ice cafe
A date with you would be nice
Say that you really mean it (this only works if she already likes you, otherwise this backfires)
Chapter 7:
Math hoodies are all the same
Don’t touch Anna’s ears
Chapter 8:
Remember Mr Li’s phone number (which you had written down before, I hope!)
Chapter 9:
Don’t walk circles in the forest!
Romantic scene with Meilin: simple be nice to her and kiss her…
Chapter 10:
That’s sweet of you
On the beach, don’t walk back to check for the girls (unless you wanna have some funny event)
I’m so happy for you, Meilin
Chapter 12
Better let Honghong get the weapons, otherwise things might happen and Meilin might get jealous.
Shoot the robot
Chapter 13
Notice the road
You might get some bonus if you do the conversation with her in the tent really well, but you have to figure out how to do it…
Chapter 15
Nod when Karina asks you whether you like Meilin

Good ending: Ben

You will only meet Ben in Chapter 4, so before that just try to avoid the bad endings (see above).
Chapter 4:
Choose the correct line of the song: “I follow you…”
Accept the invitation to go on the date with Ben.
Write down his phone number, you will need it later!
Chapter 5:
Say that you wouldn’t change anything if you had superpowers.
Say that you want to see him again.
Chapter 8:
Call Ben using the phone number you had written down.
Chapter 9:
Take Ben in your arms when it’s time to say goodbye. Ben will then stay nearby and end up on the space ship with you. If he doesn’t end up there, you failed his route.
Chapter 10:
Feed Ben.
When he compliments you on the beach, ask whether he thinks it suits you.
Take him into your arms or kiss him when there is a chance.
Say that Ben is more important to you than travelling to alien worlds.
Chapter 12
If you let Ben get the weapons for you, that’s okay. Getting them yourself is even better, but very hard.
Chapter 13
Accept his hat
Watch out for a road on one of the photos
You should now be so close to Ben that you can go with him into the desert, if not you failed his route.
Choose the wine (that can also end up with a funny scene as bonus)
Say that your okay with his age

The rest is smooth sailing, even the talk with your mum ends up surprisingly well (for both the rainbow and non-rainbow option), enjoy some surprises there…

Good ending: Honghong
To be added

Good ending: Karina
To be added

Good ending: Anna
To be added

The final two good endings

Once you have reached either one good ending each with Anna, Meilin and Karina, or the two good endings with Honghong and with Ben, and then play the game again with the same gender constellation, some strange things will happen… and then stranger things… however, as long as you keep playing, you will reach the next good ending for sure.
The final good ending will be reached if you write a story of at least 25 lines by yourself. (What does that mean?!? You will see… 🙂

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