The Last Spell: Building Guide (Glenwald Calling Update)

This guide helps with the changes to the build orders for the new update, where now you only start with two workers which makes the mines early on really hard to build and get. I personally was looking for a way to get as much gold as possible and then also I will include another build order for making a seer on night three but be warned each of these have a few drawbacks.



This guide is not for people who have never played the game. You can take ideas from it but it does require a few of the black meta achievements in the game to be completed.

This all started when I booted up the game and saw that the starting buildings were a little different after the last patch to the game. I do love the new patch but overall I had to learn a couple new things and looking over the internet I only found guides for the first release of the game in early access and not including the new game only having two workers at the start of the first day.

Now the rest of this will be a step by step on how to get the most gold by night 4. I am estimating that you have the basic starting equipment meta progressions like wealthy haven which gives you 25 gold and others that give starting equipment. Why you need the starting equipment will be seen very soon. I also am expecting you to prevent any panic to go over the perfect limit every night that is included until night 5 because it requires almost every single gold piece.


1. First night rewards and wealthy haven bonus will give you +100 and +25 respectively. (125)

2. Build Gold Mine #1 with 1 upgrade in production costing 85. (40)

3. Use Gold Mine #1 with 1 worker giving 25 gold. (65)

4. Now for the hardest part, sell equipment equaling to at least 25 gold in value ending with at least 90 gold total. (90) This will allow you the gold to then have enough to build a second gold mine here on the first night. Usually archers have armor that isn’t as useful.

5. Build Gold Mine #2 with 1 upgrade in production costing 85. (5)

6. Use Gold Mine #2 with 1 worker giving 25 gold. (25)

I personally believe that the selling of one extra equipment to get to 25 is worth it because it lets you get one worker upgrade. The worker upgrades I found to be very interesting and if someone wants to show me how to do this process with selling less equipment please comment.


1. From the night rewards and gold mines you get +110 and +50 respectively. (170)

2. Upgrade last house to give you 1 more worker costing 30. (140)

3. Upgrade both mines for workers available costing 25 each. (90)

4. Use both mines gaining 100 gold. (190)

5. Build 2 homes with the first upgrade on each, giving a total of 4 more workers and costing 150. (40)

6. Scavenge a 4 plot ruin gaining 52 gold. (92)

7. Upgrade Gold Mine #1 with production upgrade costing 90 gold. (2)

A few of these things are able to be done a little out of order but ultimately saving every last penny will be very important next day where we go to zero gold again.


1. Night rewards and gold mines give +130 and +50 respectively. (244)

2. Upgrade Gold Mine #1 to max production (not workers) costing 200. (44)

3. Use Gold Mine #1 with 2 worker gaining 110 gold. (154)

4. Upgrade Gold Mine #1 fully with workers costing 100. (54)

5. Use Gold Mine #1 with 1 worker gaining 55 gold. (109)

6. Salvage a 4 plot ruin gaining 52 gold. (161)

7. Build Last house and upgrade it fully to three workers costing 135. (26)

8. Scavenge a 2 plot ruin gaining 22 gold. (48)

9. Use Gold Mine #2 with 2 workers gaining 50 gold. (98.)

10. Upgrade Gold Mine #2 production once with double production costing 90. (8)

Instead of following at step 4 you can also build a seer at that point and pick up a lot of he same without losing much. If you do this the guide after doesn’t help as much but is a good build order.


1. Night Rewards and Gold Mines give +190 and +160 respectively. (356)

2. Upgrade Gold Mine #2 fully costing 300. (56)

3. Use both Gold Mines full with 6 workers gaining 220. (276)

4. Scavenge a 4 plot and 1 plot ruin gaining 62 gold. (338)

5. Upgrade 3 houses to fully upgraded costing 60 each. (158)

6. Build seer and use first ability to push back the darkness costing 140. (18)

This is the last part of the main guide to get a good gold start for the game if you have a few of the meta progression done.

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