The Looker: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in The Looker.


Start section

Start the game going back to this part:

🏆 Reloaded Healed and ready to execute some puzzles.

Then go through the game normally with the solutions:


Garden section

In the garden you will find a lot of screens with puzzles, the solutions are the next ones:

For the last one, the start and end point it’s on the wire.

🏆 Outside the Box Solve the wire puzzle.

There’s also in this section two voice artifacts:

🏆 2/6 voices

Castle section

For this one, go to the first door on the image, for the next images just paint until the door its open.

Look at the right for another achievement, then shoot the next door to continue.

🏆 BOO!!! Ahh! Scary noise! No!

Continue throgh the castle and solve the puzzle on the table, also there’s a voice artifact near.

🏆 3/6 voices

Go ahead and shoot to the ships, then go down throw the stairs, interact with the snake machine and win.

🏆 SNéK You have learned the ways of the SNéK.

Go back to the part where you shoot to the ships and continue to the next room, you have to play the game and score 600.

🏆 On Rails Score 600 or higher in a certain challenge.

Go ahead and activate the yellow machine and the two doors near of it:

Go back before you reach the ships part, and you will find a closed door and a stairs, go down to find another voice artifact, open the gate, pick another voice and solve the chess puzzle.

🏆 5/6 voices

Go down to the garden and follow the next screens:

Maze section

Enter to the maze and follow the next directions: right – middle – straight – left – left until you find the book. This are the solutions for the book.

🏆 Student Solved all pages of the Great Book.

Go back to the puzzle of the table on the castle, and go upstair, there’s the last voice record.

🏆 Investigator Find all audio recordings.

Also, look through the telescope for another achievement.

🏆 Dahh! Why did you do that?

Look next to the solar panel, solve the puzzle, go through the door and solve the final puzzle.

🏆 The Obelisk Complete the environmental puzzle.

Go through the door and finish the game, in the after credits scene there’s another achievement.

🏆 Success Solve a puzzle in real life.

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