The Northwood Lair: Basic Controls

The Northwood Lair is a 3D adult game developed by Stratovarius. here is the basic controls for you to play on PC (Windows Only).

October 2022 | Updated on New Version 7YA2


The Northwood Lair Basic Controls

– [z] (unused, will be used as an activator button)
– [x] Miku rubs herself (can corrupt herself)
– [spacebar], [^], Jump
– [<], [>] Direction for travel, press repeatedly when caught to break free
– [down arrow] Crouch




The Northwood Lair 7YA2 Log

- Added 8 new H animations

- Added 1 new non-H animation

- Added 2 new H scenes

- Added 1 new introductory scene for ONE in Prison Cell

- Added 1 new requested character: ONE

- Added ONE to your Prison Cell stage

- Added ONE menu UI to your Prison Cell stage

- Added a new 2P H scene to Prison Cell for ONE x Henchman: Irrumatio

- Added a new 2P H scene to Prison Cell for ONE x Henchman: From Behind (rough)

- Added linked scene change between all available 2P H scene selections for ONE x Henchman in your Prison Cell

- Fixed Luka x Skull Lord UI menus for 32:9 and other super ultrawide monitors so that they scale correctly

- Fixed an issue where some scene change transitions for Miku x Henchman 2P H scenes would double play different background music

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