The Outbound Ghost: Achievement Guide 100%

A simple guide on how to get all the achievements


You can’t miss

So, here’s the complete guide to get all the achievements (you don’t need to 100% complete the game to get them all):

These are the achievements that you can get just by playing the game and following the story (AKA achievements you can’t miss), please note, the following are not in chronological order:

1. Complete the Tutorial

2. Finish Chapter 1

3. Finish Chapter 2

4. Finish Chapter 4

5. Start Chapter 5

6. Obtain Comradery

7. Obtain Callousness

8. Get a Full Party of 4

9. Obtain Solitude

10. Obtain Spite

11. Obtain Annoyance

12. Obtain Trust

13. Obtain Jealousy

14. Defeat the Sanguine Apparition

15. Defeat the Fungal Duo

16. Defeat the Player Apparition

17. Defeat the Barbed Apparition

18. Defeat the Flightless Apparition

19. Defeat the Carnivorous Apparition

Almost guaranteed to not miss

These are the achievements that you are almost guaranteed to not miss just by playing the game:

1. Forge an Aspect (you can forge them on the anvils around the saving points, to forge them you’ll need the loot that you can find on the ground -it’ll appear yellow on the mini map, or dropped by enemies)

2. Forge 10 Aspects

3. Forge 20 Aspects

4. Surprise Attack 5 Times (just wait in the bushes for the enemy to be close, and dash to them)

5. Stun Apparitions 15 Times (the stunt meter is the yellow line below the enemy, the best wait to
obtain this -and probably the best strategy at defeating the game- is to aether up your team and use skills that can hit multiple times)

6. Lockpick 5 Gates (around the game you’ll find lockpicks, this are used to open gates with hidden items, these are almost guaranteed to be on your path)

7. Defeat a Mimic (mimics are enemies that look like a chest, you’ll find them around in the game, there’s one on the Mansion of Delusions (when you’re looking for the 3 keys)

8. Obtain a Hidden Figment

9. Obtain 4 Hidden Figments

10. Obtain 10 Hidden Figments (you’ll find almost all of them just by exploring, but here’s a list of some locations: at Eris’ Forest you’ll find Doubt, at Strand Cave you’ll find Slave, at the second Strand Cave you’ll find Kleptomania, at the Manasion of Delusions you’ll find Avarice and Marvel, at Outbound Trail you’ll find Anger, at The Toterwald you’ll find Mockery, at Deep Toterwald you’ll find Cynicism and Pride, at Rocky Pass you’ll find Siphon)

You could miss

Lastly here are the only achievements that you could miss:

1- Start a Save File With Special Settings (jus do it literally, create a new game and modify the starting settings)

2- Team Up With a Secret Partner (only at chapter 5 you can look for “pet like” npcs that can be your companions, here’s the location of Pumpkin, he’s at Strand Beach, just look for him at one of the houses with blue tiles)

General Tips

Probably I’ll do another guide (how to achieve 100% of the items and Figments) depending on the reception of this one.

Also, general tips are:

1- Do basic RPG stuff (interact with the world and npcs, explore, backtrack etc.)

2- Gang on the support or healer

3- Aether up so you can attack more times the same enemy

4- My ideal team is 1 healer and 3 attackers (Comradery – Siphon – Solitude – Pride)

5- Use Field Heal and singe target multiple hit skills

6- Equip them the attackers with power up 2 (x2) and lifesteal 2

7- Equip the healer with healing up 2 (x2) and restoration 2

Have fun, it’s a pretty easy game to beat and to 100%

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