The Outlast Trials: Beginner Guide (Closed Beta)

Game guide for newcomers



First of all, when you enter the game, the game will take you directly to the tutorial. After watching the video, the next gameplay part is only for one person. You can play with your friends without playing the tutorial, but I definitely recommend you to play the tutorial part and understand the game. If you want to play directly with your friends without playing the tutorial, skip to the section titled “CO-OP”. There is not much in the tutorial. After watching the video, the character selection screen will open. Don’t worry, you can change your character any time you want later in the game. There is not that much difference from the previous games in the gameplay part, only you have a health and sanity bar now. These are more important in the co-op part. Apart from these bars You will see that you have an item slot where you can hold 3 items in your hand. You can carry up to 3 items, but you can use items such as batteries and medkits, which are one-time use, by holding the left mouse button. You can complete the tutorial by completing the tasks that appear on the top left. After completing the tutorial, you will be taken to a place called “sleep room” and the co-op part of the game will start here.


The main part of the game consists of missions called Trials. Although there are 6 Trials in total, you can only play the first Trial in the closed beta. Each trial has 4 difficulties : easy, normal, hard and insane mode. To unlock a difficulty, you have to complete the easier difficulty(For example you need to complete the trial in normal mode to unlock the hard difficulty).Difficulties do not only change the damage and other things,but also make some changes in the map and gameplay. You can change your appearance and room from the mirror in the sleep room where you start the game.Some clothes are sold for money and money is collected from completing trials. Oh and by the way, you can sit across from each other in the lobby and have a fun arm wrestling with your friends. When you press the Tab key, you can see your character and your money, and you can call your friends by pressing the + or S key. You can choose one of the 4 perks currently available in the game by pressing the + key on your top.Here are the perks:

  • X-Ray:shows the location of the enemies behind the wall for you and your teammates
  • Stun:Stuns enemies for a limited time
  • Heal:Can heal you and teammates close to you
  • Blind:A mine that can explode and spread smoke to temporarily blind enemies

Items their use and finding locations


  • Lockpick: Used while opening locked tool and first aid boxes. Can be found in everywhere. Common item.
  • Small/Large Medicine: Makes the player gain health. Can be found in everywhere. Especially in the first aid boxes. Common item.
    Small → Common item.
    Big → Uncommon item.
  • Small/Large Battery: Recharges the night vision googles. Can be found in the tool boxes and ground.
    Small → Common item.
    Big → Uncommon item.
  • Antidote: Makes the player regain their sanity. Can be found in everywhere. Especially in the first aid boxes. Antidote can also be located when the sanity is completely empty.
    Common item.
  • Adrenaline: Causes the player to have infinte stamina for a limited time. Can be found in everywhere.
    Common item.
  • Rig Charger: Recharges to rig after a use. Can be found in the tool boxes and ground.
    Rare item.
  • Syringe: Helps the player revive completely downed players, the player can revive players that are bleeding but this item will not decrease the time of revive. The players that are completely downed, killed can only be revived with this item. This item can only be found in glass boxes that can be found on walls.
    Uncommon item.
    To simplify: Players that are bleeding can be revived without this item, but dead player can only be revived with syringe.
  • Brick/Bottle: Throwable items. When hits the enemies, the enemies will be stunned for a short time or the insane player-like enemies will be avoided completely. Bottle-break doesn’t cause enemies to move towards the sound, maybe that will be fixed in the actual game. Can be found in everywhere except boxes.
    Common item.

These items decrease the movement speed and stamina.

  • Gasoline: Used for refueling the generators in the “Police Station” level.
    Mission item.


  • Keys: Used to open gates. Can be found in symbol-marked human bodies in the “Police Station” level.
    Mission item.
  • Evidences: Collecting the required amount will reveal the lore of the game. No specific location to be found, randomly spawns.
    Extremely-rare item.

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