The Radio Station: 100% Guide (All Achievements & Endings)

Here is a 100% guide with the controls, achievements and all endings for The Radio Station | 深夜放送.



100% Completion Guide for The Radio Station [All Endings + Achievements] [English]



Forward/Left/Back/Right: [W], [A], [S], [D]
Interact: [LMB] (Left Mouse Button)
Inventory: [Tab]
Run: [Left Shift]
Crouch: [C]


If you have ever played any Chilla’s Art games before you will know they have some quirkiness and nuances to the game play. This game in particular, the driving is a bit clunky and every time you pick up a new item you have to re-equip your flashlight. Besides the usual quirkiness this game has amazing atmosphere and a few spooks to keep you on edge. I will write this guide as a means to help you get through the game, get achievements or different endings, but I will omit any of the jump scares and spooks and try to minimise spoilers so you can experience them for yourself. 😉 I hope you enjoy this guide and have fun playing!

[Main Game]

(everything you must do before the pivotal point where endings are decided)

Grab the key and flashlight then read the note on the table. Leave and drive to the station owners house.

[Station Owners House]
Key is in the mailbox, drive back to the radio station.

[Radio Station]
Get the TenYen in front of the vending machine, grab the tape from the storage room, play the tape in the tape player. Grab the food/vending machine ticket from the fridge (depending on whether you selected community content on the title screen). Exit the radio station and across the parking lot there is a building, go inside and smash the screen of the bottom-left screen for another tape. Play that tape in the tape player. Now drive to the vending machine area (left side of the map in the middle)

[Vending Machine Area]
Use the TenYen on the payphone, then look up to collect the next tape. Then go to the vending machines and collect the UV Flashlight and use it on the far left, rear vending machine, solve the puzzle (easy) and collect the tape. If you have a Vending Machine Ticket, use it on one of the vending machines (its 4th from the left I think). Leave and drive to the warehouse location (most north western location). Use the UV Light on the doors and go through the ones that are fluorescent. At the end collect the voice recorder on the floor <<<spoiler>>> (For Ending #2 DO NOT pick it up). Leave and go to the “Trash Area” (just below the Station Owners House on the map).

[Trash Area]
Collect the tape from the car window. Use the food you got from either the fridge or from the vending machine on the rats. Collect another tape from the rats. Now return to the Radio station. Play all of your tapes on the tape player.



[Ending #1]
[Collected Voice Recorder]
After playing all tapes, read the documents on the desk.

[Ending #2]
[DO NOT Collect Voice Recorder]
For this ending, do not go to the warehouse with the tape recorder, go straight to the Radio Station after you visit the Trash Area and then play all of your tapes and read the documents on the desk in the other room.

[Ending #3]
[Collected Voice Recorder]

[Radio Station]
Drive back to the Radio Station, Play all the tapes you have left then do not read the documents on the desk. Leave the Radio Station and go out back to the Radio Tower.

[Radio Tower]
Pick up the key in front of the gate, unlock the bike-lock, go to the ladder (don’t go up yet), there is some “Trash Tongs” at the base of the ladder, pick them up. Go up the ladder, get the last “tape”. Use the reversed tape on the tape player (it moved, it’s in the office where the papers are). Now go to the Trash Area. Use the Trash Tongs on the hole in the wall to retrieve a Key. Use the Key on the Padlock and then use the Reversed Tape on the machine to retrieve a Fixed Tape. Now return to the Radio Station.

[Radio Station]
Play the Fixed Tape on the Tape Player.

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