The Swine: 100% Achievement Guide

A short guide that shows you how to obtain 100% in The Swine.



Welcome to this short guide that helps you to get all achievements in The Swine.

The Swine is a short and nice creepy game that contains five achievements. Each of them requires to find a tarot card, I’ll show you their locations, naturally that comes with some mild spoilers. As this is my first guide ever I appreciate any kind of feedback.

Note: Due to the »Limited Profile Features« by Steam the game won’t count towards your perfect games, hopefully this will change one day.

How to get the achievements

The Fool Card
An innocent spirit begins his journeyThis is the first card you can get and it’s also your first task on Monday so you can’t miss that one. It’s on the table in the living room:

The High Priestess Card
The night brings a woman of fortune

You find this card on Tuesday on the power box:

The Tower Card
An omen of great misfortune and destruction

This card is available on Wednesday – after you pick up the axe and return to the house it’s on the table:

The Five of Cups Card
The heart grieves things lost to circumstance

You can’t miss that card as you need it to progress the story – it’s in the bathroom behind the door on Friday:

The Ten of Swords Card
A brutal end, but a new beginning reveals itself

You’ll find the last card on Saturday – it’s in the basement on the little table in front of the stairs:

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