The Swords of Ditto Mormo’s Curse: How to Get Valuable Items and Weapons Efficiently

The purpose of this guide is to showcase one of the easiest ways to get tons and tons of valuable items and weapons with little(?) effort. Basically cheesing the game.



There are some requirements you should get done before you attempt this, for the best chance at getting good items.

First of all, I highly recommend choosing a badge that has a starting luck stat. Personally I went with The Cheeky One, the monkey. He begins with luck and a better chance to find money. Feel free to choose any badge with luck as its starting stat; you’ll need it.

Here’s what max level luck looks like on The Cheeky One.

If you are too far into a playthrough to want to change badges, instead you can equip as many luck-altering stickers as possible.

Here is my total luck, including luck from both badge and stickers.
It’s recommended you’ve already played through a few eras, allowing you to gather luck-altering stickers and to upgrade your badge to max level. If you already have a max level badge with luck on it, begin your save with that one.


First things first, make sure you have a decent amount of any of the highlighted items below.

These items can be bought or found in most places across the world map. Check Ditto Mart if you’d like to buy them, or you can cut down some grass and bushes for a cheaper but slower option (recommend high luck for this option). You can also collect crates on the beach and open them at the lighthouse for a chance to get the required items.

Once you feel you have enough, head on over to the Ruins, you’ll find the altar there.
Here’s how it looks on the map:

If you haven’t already, or if you’re beginning a new era, offer the icon.
This is how it appears in the inventory:

Once you’ve completed (or failed!) the ritual after offering the icon, you may need to wait until the next in-game night. You can sleep in your house until then, or wait around and do something else. When you return to the altar during the night, it should be lit up in blue.


Just like you did with the icon, step into the circle lit up in blue light. When it prompts you to offer something, do so. When the offer menu pops up, it will look like this.
Like shown before, offer only the highlighted items to the altar.

Keep in mind this will spawn a bunch of enemies. You can deal with them however you like, but I find using the Book of the Dead and The Foot especially useful. Here’s what they look like:

The foot will have a different appearance for every era, but its ability doesn’t change. If you don’t have either of those weapons, you can get them from the altar rewards.

If you are having a hard time killing the enemies that spawn, use normal bombs. A good synergy is the Military Helmet sticker and the Detonator sticker, which makes you invincible to bombs and doubles your bomb damage and range, respectively. If you don’t have either of those stickers, they may be available at Lik’s Sticker Shack in the town.

Once you’ve killed all enemies that spawn, you will be transported back to the center of the ruins and 3 gold chests will spawn. These have a chance to include, but are not limited to: weapons/toys, utility items (bombs, etc), toy batteries, and materials for the blacksmith. I don’t have a full list of all items obtainable from these chests, but that’s pretty much the only type of items I found.

Continue to offer items at the altar until morning comes and continue the next night!


After a handful of offers to the altar, your inventory should look a little something like mine. 

You should notice I now have 3 toy batteries, 18 materials for the blacksmith, and probably every toy/weapon in the game. The 3 toy batteries can be used to upgrade any toy at the town’s Toy shop. The 18 materials can be taken to the blacksmith NPC to upgrade the Sword of Ditto.

This is my sword power after using all the materials I gathered. It takes 1 of each material to upgrade.

Along with this being an excellent way to get sword power, it’s also an excellent way to get sword levels and celestial fragments.

And voila! There you have it. Let me know in the comments if you need any help or clarification.

By Adam

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