The Talos Principle 2: All 12 Straton Statue Locations

The location of all 12 Straton of Stageira statues and audio logs.



Alright let me get this out of the way first.

Was Straton of Stageira a completely fictional character created for the Talos Principle?

Well most signs point to yes. But there was a blog about him somebody put up a while before the game ever came out. Trying to figure this out is just another way Croteam tricks us into exercising our brains I guess.

I am surprised they got him to voice act though.

… and it just occurred to me the “The Talos Principle” movie the robot people talk about at one point must also be entirely made up by Croteam.

Anyway, the statues appear as orange glowing holograms in the world. Run into them to hear their log and get them added to your research interface.

If you are far enough away the holograms are blinding white which makes them easy to locate. You probably don’t even need this guide. Why are you here?

(I may have completely failed to find two and needed a guide myself which didn’t exist. For those of you here for this, North 1 is below. Literally. Look down off the cliff to find him. More details below. In this guide.)

Which [ones am I missing]?

No matter which order you collect the statues in, you’ll get audio logs 1 – 12 in order, and thus get all the philosophy goodness in order. It even has a little story arc. I’ll let you hear it for yourself, though.


East 1 – North of puzzle 3

East 2 – When coming out of the station, turn right and follow the cliff edge to find him.

East 3 – Go north west from the central tower. There will be an odd structure resembling a stylized satellite dish. He’s hanging out underneath it.

North 1 – From the main structure, you want to look at the cliffside where the ground falls away from the main structure. Specifically to the south west side of the structure. He’s down there.

North 2 – Go to the golden puzzle and go around it to the right, to the back. There’s a path through shallow water.

North 3 – Under the north east leg of the tower.

South 1 – At the lost puzzle “Minimalism” go north east.

South 2 – Right behind puzzle 3 is some gravity plating, he’s right at the top.

South 3 – On the surface, at the opposite end of the map from the station, south east of the main tower.

West 1 – Impossible to miss. He is just south east of puzzle 8’s entrance at a structure.

And by “impossible to miss” I mean I may have missed him on my first playthough. I may have scoured the map looking for him and couldn’t find him, and had to look up a video! Don’t judge me.

West 2 – This one really is impossible to miss, even for me. If you turn right out of the station he will literally be blinding you from the mountain side. Easiest way to get to him is to walk in his direction until you start going up the hand. Jump off to the right at the last possible chance prior to the tunnel and you’ll end up on a ledge. You’ll see a structure with a fan in front of you, take the fan up. Follow the wall on your left to find Straton.

Yes, you can’t see him in the screenshot. He’s there. He’s just shy.

West 3 – Starting at the station, travel west-south-west (put the compass between west and south, but closer to west) and go to the edge of the map.

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