The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 Map Cache Spawn Locations

This guide will reveal the locations of the cache spawn location from the Ch. 47 broadcast station in the chapter 2 maps, Bourbon Street and Hotel E’claire.



This guide was heavily inspired by the fantastic guide by HonorableVista. Their guide is still applicable to Retribution with a few caveats that I will get into shortly. Link the original guide is below, you will need it to find the caches on all the other maps.
I am nowhere near as good at making cool looking maps, so I hope my MS paint knock-offs are readable enough.

Just like the original guide,
Red – Weapons Cache
Blue – Food Cache
Green – Medicine Cache

The X is where the cache is

A Few Caveats…

Just like chapter 1, cache locations never change, only the contents of the cache. However, I have encountered one case of a cache being in a different spot from launch, but I believe that may have been the developers updating the location in a recent patch because I have not found it there since. All cache locations are correct as of the April 19th 2023 patch.

Rampart had some map changes from chapter 1 that affect two of it’s caches, unfortunately, they all still spawn in the same locations. Currently, Rampart’s medicine cache is unobtainable! If you hear it on the broadcast, don’t even bother looking.
The food cache is still obtainable, but is awkwardly pinned underneath a table.
Thankfully, the weapon cache is in the same location and is unobstructed.

The Tower
The Tower has no caches, you will never hear a broadcast announcing a cache near The Tower.

Overrun Maps
AFAIK Maps with the red skull icon, such as Old Town and Via Corolla later in the story do not spawn their caches, despite the broadcast saying that a cache has spawned. If you attempt to find it, it will simply not be there. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, as the exile trader does not seem to spawn either, but if an area is overrun, don’t try to go.

Bourbon Street

Food – Bird Bar, 2nd floor in front of bar
Medicine – Tiki Bar, 2nd floor in front of the bed. Look for the narrow stairs in the interior, on the east side immediately to the left of the entrance on Toulouse street, there is no other way upstairs
Weapons – Radio Station, 3rd floor, look for the stairs across from the art gallery, it will be in the men’s restroom.

Hotel E’claire

Food – Ballroom with chairs and piano, 2nd floor across from exile foothold, in the corner with the wedding tables in front of the stairs.
Weapons – Exile trade room, 2nd floor, on the bed.
Medicine– In the short alley next to a FEMR trailer and the sign for Uncle Jesse’s Po’ Boy Sandwich.

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