The Winter Tower: “Exchange of Hearts / The Meaningless Power” Achievement Guide

A guide for those of us too horrible at being decent human beings to get these two achievements.



A couple of us in the discussions were having problems getting these two achievements, but thanks to Shpasic posting a hint from AFAK I figured out the path. It all boils down to just being a nice/considerate human being. For those of us clearly not (or just lost their way at some point im the story), Here’s how to get these two.

Exchange of Hearts

> Yes, there was.
> It was too early to give up.
> I should help the hamster.
> It seemed to be trying to tell me something.
> He didn’t seem like a threat.
> Never mind.
> It was frustrating, but he was right.
> Promise
> Though I didn’t know the reason, they seemed angry at me.
> I should teach Alexis how to use a spoon.
> Call Shadow’s name out loud.
> Frame whatever this thing is for stealing Shadow’s snacks.
> Stop Alexis from taking away the desserts.
> Try the burnt ball.
> Yes.
> I have no idea.
> Slash to the left.
> Flight
> Though it was a dangerous 0prank, getting his hat taken away would be too harsh.
> Try the meringue cookies.
> Father’s knight
> An assassin sent by Melissa.
> The envelope was missing the wax seal.
> Dear Ive,
> Offer Romanoff the meringue cookies.
> Offer to bring Alexis to the castle, as well.


> The ring of the Ivanov family.

The Meaningless Power


> My rapier


There you have it. Now you know how to be a good little human to others in life. Or, well, at least in visual novels…

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