The Wizards: All Crystal Shards and Cards Guide (How to Find)

Here are all crystal shards and cards locations.


Level 1-1
C) Get the card on the right just outside the starting “room”.
1) After you open the gate (turning wheel) to enter the room with the bell move to the left. There will be the wall to break around the corner.
2) Move down to the bell after it fell. The second shard is to the left from the bell (hourglass to the right).
3) In the location where two orcs break the wall to attack you – face the wall you need to break to continue your journey. The third shard is on the right behind the barrels.

Level 1-2
1) Break the wall behind the statue in the catacombs (the very catacombs beginning).
2) In the room with the goblins (first battle) move to the left and turn two times around the corner. Then break the wall.
C) Under the long stairs on the bottom there is a button on the floor which opens the wall. Teleport there to get the card.
3) The third shard is in the end of the last room behind the portal (after the big fight).

Level 1-4
1) Before entering the gates to the castle ground – go to the left. There will be first shard around the corner.
2) Before the first puzzle gates there will be two floor buttons to open the doors. Press the second button twice so the gate to the shard remains open (you’ll see the shard through the window). Go in the portal (puzzle gates location) to another dimension. Teleport to the other island of land there.
3) After second puzzle gates there will be a hole in the ceiling in the tunnel. Teleport there to get the third shard.

Level 2-1
1) Opposite the wall you need to break in the mines at the very beginning.
C) The bridge will be ruined once you stand on it. Teleport to the other side to get the card.
2) Go down under the ruined bridge (teleport on platforms) to the bottom and move to the left along the left wall to the end. Break the wall and get the second shard.
3) The third shard is in the barrel in the fight room (where you need to close three doors during the fight).

Level 2-2
1) The first shard is in the barrel in the first fighting room (left from the entrance).
C) Move up to the rails bridge (there will be goblin riding it). Stand on the bridge toward the direction goblin was riding. The card is to your left.
2) In the barrel in the room with the rune.
3) The third shard is near the level end. It’s in the crate where you need to break the red wall with a cannon from the ceiling.

Level 2-3
1) In the crate to the left from the gates at the level beginning.
C) Go down the rails to the rails crossing. Turn right to get the card.
2) Continue to go down the rails. You’ll find the second shard along the right wall.
3) There is water near the cannon (which you should push all the way up). Find the teleport platform near the water and teleport four level up from it to get the shard.

Level 2-4
1) At the beginning in the hall. Break the wall on the right.
2) The second shard is right under the first teleport platform. So stand on it it teleport forward to the next one. Turn around and teleport one levol below.
3) In the barrel to the left from the entrance in the fight room.

Level 3-1
1) In the desert after small teleport platforms down – move along left wall till the door frame. There will be one more room behind the blue flag.
2) Teleport one level higher above the place where you should use three fireballs to get the ether.
C) In the place where you need to “enable” three ether “lanterns” there are other three which open the way to the card.
3) Behind the fireball-puzzle door (triangle, hexagon, circle, pentagon).

Level 3-2
1) The first shard is to the right around the corner (behind the ether barrier) from the three-ether-lightern gate.
C) The card is behind fireball-puzzle door (the code is on the ceiling) under the location with mix-fight (there is big floating stone in the middle of the arena).
2) The shard is in the same arena (so the card is one level lower than arena and the shard is one level higher in the same direction). Teleport on the nearby pillar.
3) On the way down you’ll see the teleport platform with the sand on it. Instead of teleport on it – teleport to the platform on the left (it’s a way up instead of down) and from it once again to the platform on the left. From there you should teleport three times on the pillars and finally to the big platform with the shard.

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