Through The Dust Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.


Through The Dust Walkthrough

Press ‘New Game’ in Main Menu.
Bad landing

  • Start surviving after the crash

Note: Pressing ‘Continue’ will not give you the achievement above.

Prepare yourself. It’s gonna be a long journey ahead. You have to do everything in one run, since the save system doesn’t work properly, so keep that in mind.

This game has an ending, and we have to get there for one of the achievements.
Note: Don’t rush it, take your time. You’ll have more than enough resources to survive.

Check the supply box near you, take any items you find (they’re random every time). Pick the axe and pickaxe from the crate.

You can open your inventory with ‘Tab’.

You’ll need to chop 60 Wood, for 3 fish traps, and place them in the middle of the river. Check them regularly and pick up the fish.

Once you chop your first wood, this achievement is gonna pop.
The basics of gathering

  • Harvest something

And this one, once you craft your first fish trap.
Production basics

  • Сraft or cook something

You need 10 Wood, for a campfire. You have to cook all the fish you collect. Press ‘E’ on the campfire, insert your Fish in it, and add Wood as fuel. Don’t forget to press the ‘Turn On’ button on the right side of the screen.

You’d need to gather at least 20 Fish. And farm bushes for at least one mixture of herbs (10 Dandelion, 10 Sagebrush and 1 Cactus Water), which you’ll have to cook at the campsite, it will transform into a herbs tea. There are two scripted places in which you’ll get fever through the game, and without a herbs tea at your disposal, you’ll die.

Also get 10 Iron and 5 Wood, for a Machete. You can gather Iron Ore from Stones, if nothing happens when you click on them, crouch with ‘C’. Get 30 Wood and 5 Stone for a Crafting Bench. Craft a Furnace, with 30 Stone and 5 Wood. Press ‘E’ on the furnace, insert your Iron Ore in it, and add Wood as fuel. Don’t forget to press the ‘Turn On’ button on the right side of the screen.

You’ll need it to survive the foxes. After you craft that, feel free to dump your axe away. You’ll be able to do the same things with the Machete instead.

Before moving on, you’ll need to craft at least 6-8 cactus water. To get that resource, you have to chop cactuses. You’ll find dozens of cactuses through the game, so don’t worry too much about this resource. Make sure to always keep a few on you.

When you feel the need to eat/drink, press ‘Tab’, select the food/water, Right Click on it, and press on the ‘Eat’/’Drink’ button.
Lunch time

  • Eat or drink something

Note: You can also move the food/water in your bottom inventory, and press the number on the keyboard to use it, but that won’t pop the achievement.

To start on your journey, follow the river to the left side (there’s just a dead-end on the right side). Keep following the river, and don’t deviate from the path.

To fight foxes, crouch with ‘C’, and damage them with the Machete while moving sideways. They’ll freeze in place for a few seconds when they try to bite you, giving you enough time to kill them from behind.
Time to hunt

  • Kill desert fox and loot her

Loot its body. You can craft bandages with the leather you get (which is the only item in the game that can heal you), and cook the meat.

Soon after that, the first fever event is gonna start.
Do you feel sick?

  • You have a fever

When it happens, drink the herbs tea, and prepare a second one. You’ll find lots of bushes near the river. There’s gonna be a second fever event happening closer to the end, you’d want to be prepared for that.

A bit after your first fever, you’ll soon see a sandstorm spawning in front of you.
Bad weather today

  • You are in a sandstorm!

Go inside it just enough for the achievement to pop, and then rush outside. Heal yourself if you have any bandages. Wait out until it disappears (it might take a while) and continue with your journey.

Stick to the right side of the river, after a while you’ll find a water tank on the field above the river. It will be protected by a fox, so be careful. Interact with the water tank.
A lot of water!

  • You found rare water tank

At this point, you’re extremely close to the end. You should be able to see a radio tower in the distance. That’s where you have to go!

Be prepared, there’s a fox protecting it. You can, however, skip the fight if you don’t alert it.

Once you go through the gate, the game will end.
You survived!

  • Its easy rigth?

If you’ve played the game on the English version, the next achievement will most likely be your last to unlock. Due to the way it was programmed, it won’t unlock on the English version.

Delete the save folder located at ‘AppData\Local\ThroughTheDust’. Open the game, change the language to Russian, and start a New Game. Climb a cliff and throw yourself. You’ll die from fall damage, and the achievement will unlock.
Ah, here we go again..

  • Just die!

Congratulations on your completion!

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