Through The Fragmentation: All Achievements Guide

This guide will show you all the achievements for Through the Fragmentation.

The game is not that long, just enjoy the first playthrough and if you need it come back here after to nab all the achievements you couldn’t get.

A couple things before we get started:
1) This is my first guide, if there are formatting mistakes tell me in the comments and I can fix them
2) Most of the achievements in this game can be gotten by just looking around the world as you play and completing various tasks for other bird-citizen-people. This is literally what the game is about, so I would highly recommend trying to get most, if not all, of the achievements by yourself.
3) As of writing this (1/11/22) the game is profile features limited. This means that while you can still 100% the game, it won’t count towards average game completion, rarest achievement showcases, etc. This is just a security measure put in place by Valve to prevent random free games from spamming achievements and giving people free stats. It will stay like this until it becomes more popular. More information is available with a quick google search and countless Reddit threads.

With all that out of the way, let’s get started.

Story achievements
These are achievements you should have gotten by doing the absolute bare minimum when completing the game (note that this means getting all three endings). While they are here I haven’t given a super in depth explanation about how to complete each one as this is not a full game guide.

“Create another way to the apartment building”

Break the window with a crack in it between the ground floor and floor 1 in the office building (see screenshot below). I have to admit I don’t actually know if this one is a required story achievement, but I couldn’t find another way into the apartment building so I’ll leave it here. If this is a mistake tell me in the comments and I can fix.

Successful Login
“Find the correct password and login to the office computer”

For this one you need to give the bird at computer no. 6 the lighter. After walking away and coming back, he will be in the courtyard, so not at his computer anymore. You can then login to his computer. The password is in the trash of the cubicle on the other end of the office (see picture). It will be different every time.

“Turn off the game from the mysterious level”

This achievement is gotten by gaining access to computer no. 6 (mentioned above), then putting the data disk into it. After that you should be able to “Install” the data disk on the computer. The game will close, just reopen it and play through “the mysterious level” to complete the achievement.
Strange Business
“Sell the data disc to the stranger”

After getting the data disk, go back to the Crow Bar and give the stranger the disk.


Escape Into The Void
“Leave the City”

For this one all you have to do is give the wad of cash the stranger gave to you after the previous achievement to the driver, then exit the Crow Bar. Read through some dialogue and the achievement will pop.
Sewer Explorer
“Enter the city sewers”

At the Crow Bar, enter the sewers either by moving the grate in the back of the bar or crawling through the vents from the downstairs bathroom.

Under The City
“Get access to the hidden place in the city sewers”

In the homeless bird-person room in the sewers there is a hallway leading to a door with a little windows at eye level. Click on the door and the bird will ask for a password, give the data disk to them, the door will open and the achievement will unlock.

Enter the Fragmentation
“Find a way to enter the mysterious Fragmentation”

After giving the bird the disk, find the boss and show him the disk as well. He will give you the keys to the Fragmentation door downstairs. Entering will pop the achievement.

Pseudo Abyss
“Jump or fall into the dark abyss”

There are some blocks floating over emptiness, fall in and you’ll get the achievement. This is another one that technically you could miss on your first playthrough, but I find it hard to believe that you never fell in.

The Seer
“Find the strange entity living on the edge of the Fragmentation”

You’ll know it when you see it, literally can’t miss it.
“Complete the game”


Car ride missable achievement
There is one achievement that can be completed in any of the car rides. Here it is.

The Passenger
“Spend some time on the passenger seat”

In any of the car ride cutscenes just sit there for a few minutes before talking to the driver. I don’t know how long specifically but somewhere in the 1-2 minute range.

Downtown Missable Achievements
Here are the ones that can be missed in the downtown area. I will go into more detail if necessary.

Smoking Break
“Have a chat with the office worker during his smoking break”

For this achievement you will need to first get the lighter from the start of the downtown section. It is sitting on a box next to a chair (picture 1). You will then need to give that lighter to the bird sitting in the office with his hands up and who is asking for, well, a lighter (picture 2). After that make your way out into the courtyard. Easiest way is through the broken window. Talk with the bird on the bench smoking (picture 3) and the achievement will pop.

Failed Login Attempt
“Get locked out of the office computer”

After talking with the smoking bird, you can go back up to his office and get on his computer. After a few failed login attempts you’ll get this achievement. Alternatively if you successfully login you get the “Successful Login” achievement, but that is in the “Story Achievements” section.
A Quick Snack
“Steal and eat the sandwhich of the janitor”

On the second floor of the office building, where the screwdriver and janitor are, there is a sandwich sitting on the windowsill. Click on it to eat it and nab the achievement.
Everyday Melancholy
“Listen to the thoughts of the melancholic bird”

Right after jumping through the broken window, turn right. There is a dark bird sitting on some steps behind a fence. Walk over and talk to him and the achievement is yours.

Refreshing Shower
“Take a shower while exploring the apartment”

In the apartment with the data disk, go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Standing in there for a few seconds will pop the achievement.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes
“Help out the one who got stuck in the restroom”

While you’re in the apartment, grab the toilet paper from the bathroom (see picture no. 1). Bring it back to the office building’s first floor bathroom (see picture no. 2). Clicking on the right door will prompt some dialogue asking for the toilet paper. Give it to him for the achievement.

Visiting the Hermit
“Find and talk to the Hermit who lives in the office building”

From the other (left) side of the first floor bathroom, there is a vent over the toilet. Open it and follow it into the sewage room (or whatever that brown stuff is – see picture 1). From there there is a vent and a blocked door. Break down the door with the hammer. Going up those stairs will lead you to the hermit (see pictures 2 & 3). Talk to him for the achievement.


Crow Bar Missable Achievements
And here’s the ones for the Crow Bar.

A Returning Visitor
“Visit the eccentric once again after returning from downtown”

This achievement requires you to talk to the eccentric before leaving for downtown, then returning to him when you return to the Crow Bar. To do this you have to move the sewer grate in the back of the bar when you first start the game (see picture 1). If you look to the right when you get down the ladder you will see a map. The white square is where you are, my cursor (white circle) is where you wanna be (see picture 2). It’s a small map, I believe in you to get there without my help. There will be a small pipe that you have to crawl through (see picture 3). On the other side directly in front of you is a ladder, climb it. At the top is the eccentric (see picture 4). Talk to him and he will tell you he can’t talk right now. After finishing the conversation you can leave. After returning from downtown, come back to the same spot. This time he will be fishing in the sewage. Talk to him again for the achievement.

Labyrinth Master
“Collect more than 1k points in the Labyrinth minigame”

Labyrinth Grandmaster
“Collect more than 10k points in the Labyrinth minigame”

Both of these are obviously based on the same minigame, so they can be gotten at relatively the same time. First you will need to have been to the downtown section to get the screwdriver. Once you have returned, open one of the vents in the downstairs bathroom stalls of the Crow Bar. It doesn’t matter which one (see picture 1). Once in the vent, go right. You’ll go through a pipe-room, then be dropped down a grate (see picture 2) into a office-looking room. There is a corkboard with a key on it (see picture 3). Pick up the keys and go down the stairs. Unlock the door and turn on the power with the switch inside the box on the wall directly infront of you (see picture 4). Go back upstairs and one of the computers will have the labyrinth minigame on the screen (see picture 5). Click on it to play.

The 1k point achievement is relatively easy, just try and clear one screen of the labyrinth, which will give you all the points you need. For the 10k point one, there isn’t really an easy way to do it. It also takes a little bit no matter the method you use. I would recommend trying to clear as many screens as possible when you first start a run. After you get like 5000 points play it a little safer as running out of time means you have to completely restart. And for the record, this is usually the one people have the most difficulty with. So don’t feel bad if it takes you a minute. Good luck!!

The Fragmentation Missable Achievements
And finally, the two achievements in the fragmentation. If you already played through the game you probably already have these as they are relatively easy to acquire. That being said I don’t think they are required to beat the game so might as well include them to be safe.

Dead End
“Find the lost one in the Fragmentation”

Upon entering the Fragmentation, go left (see picture 1). This will lead you to a wooden hut (see picture 2). Go closer to find the…uh…”lost one” for the achievement.

Neverending Nightmare
“Meet the insane one living in the Fragmentation”

To the right of the wooden shack is a ladder (see picture 1). Go up it to get to the tall vertical room with a bunch of paths (see picture 2). Follow the path you are on (so don’t jump off onto a lower level) until you reach a barricaded door (see picture 3). Break it with the hammer and talk “the insane one” for the achievement.


Pendulum Achievement
“Find all 17 pendulum birds in one playthrough”

As this is a fairly complicated and long achievement I will link to an already existing and wonderfully made guide by McKillem. It has screenshots and directions of all the locations.

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  1. Hey, dev here!

    Thanks for this great guide. Players relatively often ask me about certain achievements, so I’ll probably share the link somewhere they can easily find while looking for answers.

    Two small side notes:

    Shortcut – as the author has suspected there actually is another way into the apartment building. In the same sewage room (which is mentioned at the “Visiting the Hermit” achievement) there is a vent that leads to the same roof from which the window of the apartment building opens. By the way, this was meant to be the default way, the shortcut is rather a reward to those who did an extra exploring work and found the hammer 🙂

    Dead End – this achievement can be unlocked only if the player got the task of finding the lost person. This was worth to mention since there are two ways to enter the Fragmentation, and getting the task can be easily missed.


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