Timberborn: Iron Tooth Food Chain

A single graphics that shows how Iron Tooth faction plants, grows, harvests and processes their reworked foods.

The intended usage is that you can see what you will need to be able to actually benefit from the different food options, and consequently, to decide when to plant them (and in what quantities).

Food Chain Graphics


Early phase (“Cycle 1”)

Plant a lot of Kohlrabies early on.
If you have the time and a way to generate power, you may also plant some Cassava, which will need fermentation. Planting anything else is a waste of time and valuable land, because you will need gears to turn those into edible products.

Once you have a Forester and are stable

If you have some “lake” or reservoir, try to plant Mangroves, because their fruits are directly edible and will regrow without further effort, and provide a well-being boost.

One cycle before you start gears production

When you know that Gear production will start soon, you should plant a significant field of Canola, because Canola is turned into Oil once you can build an Oil Press (using gears) — and with oil, you can ferment Soybeans.

Metal Blocks?

When you start collecting scrap metal, it may be ideal time to plant Eggplants and Corn — once you have Metal Blocks, you will be able to build Food Processor and turn these into Rations. Eggplant Rations will require oil, so be mindful of its stockpile.

Metal Blocks will also allow you to build Hydroponic Gardens, which can grow Algae and Mushrooms, at a “cost” of a huge amount of water — be sure you boost your pump count!

Treated Planks

Finally, to enjoy some much deserved coffee, you will need Gears, Metal Blocks AND Treated Planks, which means you will need to be collecting Pine Resin and so on.

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