Time Wasters: Rosanova & Luna Loyalty Crew Achievement Guide

Easy way to get the two hardest achievements in the game


Rosanova Loyalty Crew

Use these captains and their weapons. Great if they are already loyalty crew, so you start with them.

  • Ram – Boxing Gloves
  • Raven – Rockets
  • The 1.0 – Hacking Beam

The only way to lose here is to get crushed to death. You won’t be able to do enough damage to kill enemies quickly enough, so you need pushback.

Ram is amazing because he pushes everything in front of the ship very far away and creates space to fly in. He makes this mission a walk in the park. You rarely need to use boost once the gloves are strong enough, just cruising along is enough.

Raven’s boost push is needed in the beginning before the gloves are ready. The rockets do a nice amount of damage, which is a bonus.

The 1.0 adds a buffer between you and the mini elites. Try to never increase hacking range, you want only the closest enemies to be on your side. This way they don’t cause damage if they touch your ship.

Rosaluna adds her own pushback with the Nova. It’s not strong but it helps. Her damage is usually worse than the other weapons.

It makes sense to upgrade the Nova outposts before starting the mission as they help a lot in the early game and you don’t want to waste gold or time cubes on them.

This should give you a comfortable way to get this achievement. Just prioritise the boxing gloves for pushback and rockets for damage.

Luna Loyalty Crew – Phase 1

Use these captains and their weapons. Great if they are already loyalty crew, so you start with them.

  • Ram – Boxing Gloves
  • Raven – Rockets
  • The 1.0 – Hacking Beam

In phase 1 you need to rescue 5 large Wolf ships by staying in a circle for 60 seconds.

Try to move as quickly as possible here, each rescued ship boosts your damage and over time stronger enemies will spawn.

The large Wolf ships are amazing places to hide on. They are invincible and absorb any damage except lasers, so staying on them is very safe. Unfortunately they move randomly, so it’s difficult to stay on them and in the circle at the same time. Regularly boost back into the circle center and the ships will follow you.

Ram will be used to clear the way. There are walls of enemies blocking your path and the boxing gloves make empty space quickly.

Raven’s boost is amazing to boost through enemies and the rockets do great damage.

The 1.0 creates allied ships. Together with your Wolf ships, large and small, you should often have strength in numbers. You want enemies to focus your allies while you hold the circle.

For upgrades, prioritise Wolf ships and Hacking Beams. You want as many allies as possible floating around quickly to absorb bullets.

After 5 ships are rescued, a portal will appear and phase 2 will start. You should be around level 90 at this point. Collect a magnet before going though the portal.

Luna Loyalty Crew – Phase 2

Welcome to a whole new map, this time in red!

You should have a relatively high level already from phase 1. This helps surviving the absolutely massive waves of enemies and bosses.

You goal here is to destroy 15 planets spawning enemies. It can feel overwhelming to go against the waves, but fortunately you can go anywhere and still find a planet to destroy. Just stay on your large Wolf ships and float.

When you are down to 5 planets, white ships will spawn. Here the boxing gloves help to make space and go for the planets.

After the last planet is done, the mission is over.

Thanks to Festkörperklaus for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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