Tiny Bunny: Achievements Guide 100% (Episode 1-4)

A little guide on how to get all the achievements available at the moment.


Episode 1 Achievements

True Detective 1
To get this achievement you need to examine all the items of the 1st episode, namely:
-After the visit of the policeman :

  • Whirligig
  • Cross
  • Phone
  • Pantry

-Kitchen :

  • Refrigerator
  • Crossword
  • Calendar
  • Radio
  • Policeman’s number

-Anton’s Room :

  • The book
  • Drawings on the wall
  • Toys on the shelf
  • Curtains

-Olya’s room:

  • Teddy bear
  • Piggy bank
  • Window

Secret message
Secret achievement, to get it in the kitchen you need to click on the radio until the song starts

Useful Connections
Getting the phone number of a policeman by tricking his own mother (don’t do that irl)

Next are 2 mutually exclusive achievements, so I recommend you make a save not to rewatch the episode twice (then when you will go to such achievements, I will warn you)

Run For Your Life
When choosing between “RUN” and “TAKE” choose run away

Where are you, Vova?
When choosing between “RUN” and “TAKE” choose “TAKE” (this choice is mandatory to get a true detective)


Cursed Tape
Olya invites us to watch a cartoon, but when we run it there is a mysterious report, we write it down and get an achievement

We don’t record the report, we spend the evening with our sister

Episode 2 Achievements

True Detective 2
To get it, you need to examine all the items of the 2nd episode, namely :
-Schoolyard :

  • Car
  • High School Students
  • Nest in a tree

-While choosing between Alice and Polina :

  • Bucket and mop
  • Paper airplane
  • Change of shoes on the windowsill

-Select Alice, and wait for her behind the school (choose in order):

  • Syringes
  • Man
  • Squirrel
  • Drawing the Hanged Man (MUST BE THE LAST one)


Accept the gift of the fox (EXCEPT THE 2 ACHIEVEMENTS IN CHAPTER 3)

Rejecting the fox’s gift


No pain
During the confrontation in the corridor with Semyon we fight him back (it is advisable to choose this option)

Humiliated and insulted
We tolerate Semyon’s antics (in real life, always fight back, even if you know you’re going to get hurt)


Knightly vows
In the choice between Alice and Polina we choose the second option (While walking through the woods we will see a smoking man, click on him for the Van Gogh achievement)

In the choice between Alice and Polina we choose the first option (to get a true detective it is better to choose this option)


If you choose Polina and put on a mask you will be laughed at and beaten šŸ™

Tough luck
If we chose Pauline and sent Semyon far away, we will still be screwed, but twice as much.

No gain
Choose Alice, send Semyon to hell, and win the respect of the guys (this choice gives us the opportunity to get a few more achievements) (when the guys will lead us home by the hand, click on the smoking man)

Episode 3 Achievements

True Detective 3
To get it, you need to examine all the items 3 episodes as follows :
-In the classroom :

  • Firecrackers
  • Portrait of Yesenin
  • Projector on a cabinet


My precious!
A secret achievement that can be obtained during the visit of the policeman in class. When he put his personal file on the desk and himself at the blackboard, we have the opportunity to rummage in the folder, to do thisĀ ONLYĀ when the policeman turned to the blackboard, after three of these trips we find the seal and get achievement

Caught napping
When we have the opportunity to look in the folder policeman, look in it when the policeman looks at the class, do this twice and get an achievement (?)


Quiet as a mouse
We keep quiet and tell the policeman nothing.

Van Gogh
If in the last episode we saw a man, tell the policeman about it and draw him (we can also draw a fox, for this achievement is also attached). It should look like this:


Humble in victory
If in the last episode we made friends with Roma then in this we will be able to play with him with stone-scissors-paper on the camera, defeating him and get an achievement (in episode 4 this camera will be useful to us for another achievement). No special tactics I have not found, but the achievement I completed with the fourth attempt.

Gracious in defeat
We lose to Roma.


Shaman King
If the choice between Alice and Polina in episode 2 we choose Polina , and during the confrontation with thugs choose to send them, then in episode 3 as an apology Pauline will offer us his amulet, we take it and get this achivek (in episode 4 if it will help us get another achievement)

We don’t take Polina’s amulet.


After Olya suggests that we shoot ducks, we unplug the TV.

Big bro
Let Olya win.

The secret and the most difficult challenge. To perform it you need not miss a single duck. First round is taken easily, Olya gets upset and gives a few lines during which you can make a save. Pick up the second round, Olya again complains, again save . Third round I picked up at the fifth attempt , the most important thing is to focus and watch the direction of the flight of the duck . Kill all the ducks and get achievement.


Team Voltron
After playing with his sister we hear a phone call, pick up the phone and talk to Polina, choosing between Rom and Polina choose Roma.

Instead of Roma, we choose Polina.

Episode 4 Achievements

True Detective 4
This achievement is the same as in the other episodes, just look at everything we see, but what we will look at depends on who we choose at the end of episode 3, Roma or Polina.
If we choose POLINA, that’s it:

-In the hallway:

  • Mirror (+achievement)
  • Horns
  • Painting
  • Skis
  • Phone
  • Hariton’s room

-In Polina’s room :

  • Piano
  • Cassettes
  • Sailor Moon poster

If you choseĀ ROMA, this :

-If you get/go to a police station :

  • Gas mask
  • Grilles

-If you have entered the garage (you can only get inside if you take Byasha with you):

  • Drawers
  • Things on a drawer
  • Vise
  • Tools hanging on the wall
  • Things on the shelf on the right
  • Cloth coveringĀ something…

If we got into the house of Polina, then in the course of looking around the corridor we come across a mirror, click on it and get an achievement.

Teen murderer
If in the third episode, during a phone conversation, we chose Polina, and in the same episode she did NOT give us the amulet, Roma will wait until we leave Poli’s house to stab us with his knife.

On the contrary, if we got the amulet from Polina, we survive and get the achievement.


Three Musketeers
When we helped Romka in his affair with Polina, we meet Byasha at the gate, take him with us to find Katya and get this achievement.

Third Wheel
We don’t take Byasha on the search

Law and Order
To get an achievement we must get to the police station, to do this we take Byasha with him on the search, or in the choice to go to the garage or go to the station choose the second option.


Ground meat
To get this achievement we must enter the garage , we must during the mini-game in drag Katya succumb to the meat grinder .

We have to try to help Katya get out of the meat grinder, it’s actually quite difficult so feel free to use the autoclicker.

Top Secret
To get this achievement, we MUST win the camera from Roma in episode 3, plus we MUST WIN in the mini-game drag Katya.


Dr. Jekyll
This and the following achievements are available no matter which path we took. To get this achievement we must refuse all offers of the beasts during the “feast”.

Mr. Hyde
Accept the offer of beasts .

p.s. the author is shocked by what is happening in this episode

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