Titanfall® 2: Pure Dopamine Loadout 2022

My personal fast-paced dopamine addiction loadout. High-luck, high-skill, high on the leaderboard.


Who Am I? What Is This?

I’m Stranger, also known as Big-Ass-Bird, and i’ve been playing Titanfall for years. It started with TF1, which I pre-ordered and played to death way back when. I had maxxed my account, reset, and maxxed it again before TF2 released. Once TF2 came around I switched and didnt go back.

This guide is mostly just to share my favorite loadout in the hopes that other people can enjoy it aswell.

The Loadout


Wingman Elite- Extended Mag, Run’n’Gun

RE-45(though more users choice)- Suppressor, Extended Mag

Archer(again, up to you but I reccomend this)- Quick Switch, Extended Reserve




Frag Grenade



Phase Embark

Low Profile




The Titan





Nuclear Ejection(Necessary)

Twin Traps(optional but reccomended)


The Dislike Source


Smart Pistol(Necessary)

Bringin’ it all together.

So far things have been standard, if a bit of an odd choice. But here is where we get to playstyle.

1. Have Fun

1. Style
2. Style
3. Style

This is about accuracy and prediction with consistent resets. You will likely not keep up with the average CAR or Kraber Abuser but you should do well on most maps. Mechanical Skill with help you greatly and standard rules for each item applies.

Dopamine Time:

Grenade: Cook and throw for mid-air kills and multi-kills, roots out campers and A-Wall users with ease.

Wingman: One tap to the head or two to the body, a consistent 4 kills per mag.

Cloak: NO, we are not abusing cloak and SP. This is for executions. Position yourself well and use your cloak to execute enemies, this is a priority. Random Execution should be used for no more reason than it’s nice.

Archer: Harass Enemy Titans to get your own back. Cloak and hold lock to freak people out or distract during Titan Fights.

Northstar: You will not be in this thing for very long. Use Warpfall to predict and snipe enemy Titans with your Titanfall, then Phase Embark to board quickly. Sprint towards slow enemy Titans such as Legion and Scorch, initiate VTOL Hover, and use your Twin Traps to lock them in place. While in VTOL Hover you cannot be executed, so use this immunity to hover over locked down Titans and initiate Nuclear Ejection.

Smart Pistol: This is to be used right before you enter your Titan. The Smart Pistol will ensure you can get the final points towards the next Titan upon Nuclear Ejection. Also useful during Extraction.

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