Toaster Arena Playtest: New Players’ Guide (V0.2.1)

Here is a basic guide for beginners, this guide was writed based on V0.2.1.


General tips

You can enable toggle sprint in settings -> game, which will let you sprint at all times
To go into the test map click Multiplayer -> Create Lobby Loca (test1)

You can create and save custom weapon loadouts
You can make more loadouts by clicking Add Slot
To apply a loadout on your next revive click the loadout box itself

All pistols except for the Gunslinger are fully automatic
Snipers will deal less damage the closer someone is to you (up to 8 dmg)

The fastest way to move is to slide and jump to maintain speed
You can automatically crouch again while in the air by holding the crouch button (ctrl)
Staying in the air will reduce your speed so only double jump when sliding down a slope/dodging
Slopes affect how sliding works, avoid sliding uphill

You can reset your jumps by climbing/wall running
Climbing up instead of jumping up a wall is the fastest way to move vertically
For some reason, using both jumps before wall running makes you go faster

Weapon tier list

–S tier–
Plasma rifle
4 shot kill (Headshots)
8 shot kill (Bodyshots)

No damage fall off
Essentially infinite range
Does not need to be reloaded

Crimson Rifle
4 shot kill (Headshots)
6 shot kill (Bodyshots)

No damage fall off
Essentially infinite range
Does not need to be reloaded
Overheats faster than the Plasma Rifle

Removes shields and slows shield recovery
Has a huge AOE
Hits multiple targets
Extinguishes fire

Wolf’s Howl
1 shot kill with M1
M2 fires both shells increasing one shot consistency

Only shotgun able to oneshot
Shooting while in the air will launch you forward in the direction you shoot

–A tier–
Good ‘ol Hawker
2 shot kill (Headshot + Bodyshot)
4 shot kill (Bodyshots)

Extremely severe reverse damage ramp up
Double the ammo capacity compared to Pree Free Poor

4 shot kill (1 Headshots)
5 shot kill (Bodyshots)

Essentially 0 damage fall off
Essentially same ttk as Quick foot
Good at all ranges

2 shot kill if both shots are point blank
3-5 shots to kill in mid range

1 shot kill on direct hit
1 shot kill if the grenade splashes directly on their feet

1 shot kill
Delayed attack

Budget Wolf’s Howl

Quick foot
10 shot kill (Headshots)
14 shot kill (Bodyshots)

Good at close/mid range

–B tier–
Fist and reskins
2 shot kill

Good option as a finisher
Can also be used as a budget shotgun

Pree Free Poor
1 shot kill (Headshot)
3 shot kill (Bodyshots)

Has a barely noticeable reverse damage ramp up
Anarchy Gaige levels of inaccuracy when unscoped

Huker Pistol/Golden Gun
7 shot kill (Headshots)
11 shot kill (Bodyshots)

Jack of all trades, master of none
Good at all ranges

Gatling GUN
Deals more damage the longer it is revved up
5 damage minimum rev (Shields)
6 damage minimum rev (Health)
14 damage max rev (Shields)
17 damage max rev (Health)

Does not need to be reloaded
Slow draw speed

Flame Thrower
15 damage vs shields
18 damage vs health
8 damage dot for 11 hits (88 damage)

Hitting a burning enemy refreshes the dot duration
Does not need to be reloaded
Combos well with Mayo
Countered by water/mayo

Cone Launcher
2 shots players
1 shots the armored truck

Can be used to do a weak rocket jump

–C tier–
Early Retirement
2 shot kill

Slow draw speed
Slow attack speed
Severe inaccuracy penalty

Green Apple
14 shot kill
8 hp per shot regardless of range

Minimal damage falloff

Blinds players and vehicles
Infinite range
Infinite ammo

–D tier–
Finger Gun
14 shot kill

Just a worse Green Apple
Asserts your dominance in the server

Engine sword
33 damage (shields)
25 damage (health)
3 damage dot for 14 hits (42 damage)
75/67 damage overall

Worst weapon in the game
Makes you depressed upon use

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