Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Ranking & ACES Guide

A summarised list of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Ranks, Requirements. Experience points and unlockables including the ACES system.


Ranking System:


The following is a list of the ranks in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, the unlockables earned at each level and the experience needed to advance to each level.

Private Second Class:
⭐ 500 xp. Required. Unlocks – Ballistic goggles, Tactical helmet, Balaclava

Private First Class:
⭐ 750 xp. Required. Unlocks – Raid BDU, cargo pants, long sleeve shirt

⭐ 1250 xp. Required. Unlocks – Desert camo, Cadpat camo, Russian camo

Lance Corporal:
⭐ 2500 xp. Required. Unlocks – Guerilla camo, Fall camo, Desert II camo

⭐ 5000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Goliath assault armor, Titan combat armor, Colossus recon armor

⭐ 5,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Assault vest, Assault pants, Tank top

Staff Sergeant:
⭐ 5000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Lightweight helmet, Bandana, Flight helmet

Gunnery Sergeant:
⭐ 10,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Flecktarn camo, Orange camo, Swedish camo

Sergeant First Class:
⭐ 10,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Anaconda assault armor, Diamondback combat armor, Viper recon armor

Master Sergeant:
⭐ 10,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Three-hole balaclava, Reinforced helmet, Breathing mask

Senior Master Sergeant:
⭐ 20,000 xp. Required – War 2k5 camo, Alpen camo, White camo

First Sergeant:
⭐ 20,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Blue camo, Urban II camo, Marpat camo

Sergeant Major:
⭐ 20,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Leather vest, Leather pants, Field pants

Warrant Officer:
⭐ 30,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Curved boonie hat, Beret, Tinted goggles

Second Lieutenant:
⭐ 30,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Hurricane assault armor, Typhoon recon shoulders, Cyclone combat legs, Cyclone combat shoulders

First Lieutenant:
⭐ 30,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Wasp camo, Sand camo, Crimson camo

⭐ 35,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Tactical goggles, Tactical sunglasses, Half-face mask

⭐ 35,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Yellow camo, Red camo, Tiger camo

Lieutenant Colonel:
⭐ 40,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Rust camo, Pink camo, Grey camo

⭐ 40,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Ballistic face mask, Riot helmet, Night vision goggles

⭐ 50,000 xp. Required. Unlocks – Custom camo 1, Custom camo 2, Custom camo 3

As you gain experience points, your rank increases. At each new rank, the amount of experience you need to advance to the next rank increases. Every rank has it’s own rewards similar to ACES.


Points are accumulated from kills in all game modes present in the game – Story (Singleplayer and Cooperative), Terrorist Hunt (Singleplayer and Cooperative) and Multiplayer. Alternatively, experience points can be gained from ACES levels.


ACES System:

The Advanced Combat Enhancement and Specialisation or ACES, where players will be rewarded with different weapons based on tactics used in the game.

The ACES system is divided into three parts: Marksmanship, Assault, and Close-Quarter Battle (CQB).

Nearly every single kill the player makes is organised into one of these three categories and scored based upon how the kill was performed (i.e., a headshot would count towards Marksmanship, or shooting through a wall would count towards Assault, or killing an enemy while blinded by a flashbang would count towards CQB).

By getting a high enough score in a category, the player unlocks a specific item for that category; for example, the Assault category might reward the player with a new type of assault rifle, while the Marksmanship category might reward the player with a new type of sniper rifle. Even though the ACES system goes across modes there are certain rewards that can only be unlocked in single or multiplayer (reference: Media Broadcast).

Kills are only worth one ACES bonus, with certain bonuses taking priority over others – for instance, killing an enemy from behind at short range will only give three CQB points rather than six for both conditions, while a long-range kill on a turret gunner will count for Marksman but not Assault.


Points can be gained in all game modes present in the game – Story (Singleplayer and Cooperative), Terrorist Hunt (Singleplayer and Cooperative) and Multiplayer.

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