Tomb Keeper Mansion Deluxe Pinball: Official Guide & Walkthrough

Pinblend Studios official walkthrough for Tomb Keeper Mansion detailing gameplay basics, mission points, objectives, side missions, secrets, and more!


Controls and Mission Points

Basic Keyboard Controls:

Plunger = Enter
Left Flipper = S (Also Left Shift)
Right Flipper = L (Also Right Shift)
Shake Up = Space bar
Shake Right = D
Shake Left = K
Pause = P
Camera = C

*Also features controller support

Main Mission Point List:
1. Cellar Dwellers 1,200,000 (Orange letter tombstone)
2. Brainiac Maniac 900,000 (Yellow letter tombstone)
3. Fred’s Not Dead 850,000 (Green letter tombstone)
4. Dungeon Madness 750,000 (Pink letter tombstone)
5. Fanatic Attic 675,000 (Red letter tombstone)
6. Midnight Owl 375,000 (Purple letter tombstone)
7. Warm Cemetery 325,000 (White letter tombstone)
8. The Last Howl 250,000 + Multiplier Bonus (Blue letter tombstone)

Side Missions
1. Secret Key 1,500,000 + Multiplier Bonus
2. Coffin Shot 1,051,987 + Multiplier Bonus
3. Skill Shot Front Door 1,000,000
4. Grave Lane 450,000 + Multiplier Bonus
5. Lower Playfield Bumper Extra Ball Mission 800,000 + Extra Ball
6. Four Stationary targets on the house 150,000 + Multiplier Bonus
7. Bonus (1) Tombstone Shot Lower Part Of Table 21,337 + Multiplier Bonus
8. Bonus (2) Tombstone Shot Lower Part Of Table 45,000 + Ball Saver

* There is also a “Go Away” side mission that will award 450,000 for hitting the ball through the front door a total of 4 times.

The tombstones that light up for any main mission completion can be found on the sides of the table, as shown below.

1. Cellar Dwellers Mission

The cellar dwellers mission is worth the most points out of the main missions, as it requires quite a few shots to complete. To begin the mission you must shoot the ball onto the cellar door, which will open, granting access to the tunnel under the house. Each time the ball rolls through the cellar lane under the house it will light a letter, shown in the photo.

Once all letters are lit the first cellar dweller will pop out onto the table, once hit the second will pop out, and this will complete the mission if you hit both dwellers.

It is a total of 8 shots to complete this main mission.

2. Brainiac Maniac Mission

This mission is worth 900,000 points and begins by hitting the spinner located in the center of the house and spinning it a total of 12 times. Once this has been completed it will activate part two of the mission, which involves hitting the upper right side ramp 3 times.

3. Fred’s Not Dead Mission

This is a fun mission that is worth 850,000 upon completion. To begin this mission you must hit any of the four bumpers located under the front porch a combined total of 20 times, which will then pop all three coffin/skeletons up onto the table. You have a total of 45 seconds to hit all three skeletons.

4. Dungeon Madness

This mission can only be started after completing the Fanatic Attic mission, which opens up the center of the playfield to reveal the lower playfield and this mission. The first part of this mission is to hit the 5 “tentacle” targets, each one has a lit LED tentacle that turns off once hit. After all 5 tentacle leds have been deactivated, it begins part two of the mission, which is to hit the final 3 targets, the orange and green bar shaped LED targets, and finally the giant purple circle in the center. Basically, just keep slapping the ball around the lower area and you will clear this mission!

5. Fanatic Attic Mission

Fanatic Attic is worth only 675,000 points upon completion, however, this is how you open up the lower playfield and also obtain multiball, so it should be a focus point while playing. To begin this mission you must hit the ball up the ladder into the window, with each hit lighting an “ATTIC” letter. Once all letters are lit, a tombstone will pop up on the table. After you hit this tombstone, a second one will pop up and need to be hit. Completing both shots will activate the final shot of the mission, and the wall on the side of the house will drop and you must hit the ball under the house, beginning the mutliball mission.

Note: It is possible to make this shot and NOT activate multiball and open the center of the table. While rare, if the ball does not fully enter under the house the wall can go back up releasing the ball out of the side of the house. In other words, make sure you take your time on this shot!

6. Midnight Owl Mission

This is a mission that you will most likely complete the second most, as it is an easy mission on the table. To start, simply hit the ball up the left ramp that leads into the house a total of 3 times, followed by hitting the ball around the outer rim on both sides of the table (outside the house and behind the house— the “looping” shot). This shot is indicated by the purple arrows located on this outer loop. After the ball has hit all 3 LED arrows, it will complete the mission.

7. Warm Cemetery Mission

This can be an incredibly easy or frustratingly hard mission to complete because of the starting shot that activates the start of the mission.

The shot into the tree will not activate the same as the extra ball bonus box that is found on Outergalactic Aliens— the left side kickback will not shoot the ball into this hole. You can get a lucky bounce and the ball will pop inside here (it happened a lot during testing), OR you can shoot the ball inside the tree using the right flipper if timed correctly. This is a difficult shot.

Once the ball is inside the tree you have 40 seconds to hit two shots, indicated by the white LEDS. The first is where the center spinner is, hitting the ball under the house, and the second shot is the front door of the house, indicated by the “Go Away” door mat LED.

Once the mission is complete you will light the “Warm Cemetary” Gravestone.

8. The Last Howl

To start this mission you must first open the gatehouse by hitting the ball in the front door of the house at any time– opening the gate allows the ball to roll through the gated area.

Once the gate is open the ball must roll through this zone a total of 4 times to complete the mission, with each roll lighting a “HOWL” LED letter.

While the point total of 250,000 is the lowest of all the main missions, completing this mission does also add x2 to the bonus multiplier!

Skill Shot + Go Away Side Mission

When you first launch the ball you will have 15 seconds to get the ball into the front door of the house, which will grant a skill shot award of 1,000,000 points. The “Enter” door mat style LED will be blinking while the skill shot is active.

Also, as a fun side mission, hitting the ball into the front door a total of 4 times will complete the “Go Away” side mission, which will award 450,000 points. Each successful shot will light one of the 4 blue dots below the “enter mat”.

Secret Key Mission

To start this “secret” mission, you must first grab the key that is located by the blue LED under the ladder leading up to the house. There is no way to actually shoot the ball into this region, you have to get a lucky bounce (it happens pretty frequently).

After obtaining the key there is an area, somewhere, on the playfield that will finish this mission and award 1,500,000 points. This area does not have a visible switch, or led, to indicate where the ball must go. It is up to you to find this one. Mwhahaha.

If you do somehow manage to find this area, it will light the giant green moon shown below

Good luck player one.

Grave Lane Bonus Multiplier Mission

Similar to Outergalactic Aliens, this table has a lane mission indicated by the “GRAVE” letters shown below.

Once you have lit all letters by dropping the ball through each lane a tombstone will pop up shown here:

Completing this mission will award a x2 bonus multiplier along with 450,000 points.

The Coffin Shot + Tombstone Bonus Shots + Extra Ball Side Mission

Here we go, THE shot on the table. After hitting the ball through the front door of the house the ball will travel to the bottom right of the table and sit idle for a moment while you prepare for this shot.

You must shoot the ball across the table into the open coffin shown here :

There is a ghost floor that pops up before the shot is taken (not shown) that will allow the ball to travel to this spot. If you manage to make this shot you will be awarded a very special 1,051,987 points (Hint: This is a date >.>) and also a x2 to the bonus multiplier.

The other two tombstones shown in the photo also have instant rewards.

The green BONUS tombstone awards 45,000 points + Ball Save Activation
The purple BONUS tombstone awards 21,337 points + x2 Bonus Multiplier

The “extra ball” tombstone is activated through the bumper side mission found on the lower playfield which is revealed by completing Fanatic Attic. There are 3 bumpers located in the photo below:

These 3 bumpers, located in the picture slightly above the x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 bonus LEDs, must be hit a total of 20 times to activate the “Extra Ball” tombstone. If you can manage to nail this tombstone from the timed bottom right flipper you will of course be granted an extra ball, along with an extra bonus of 800,000 points.

Kickback + Final Bonus Multiplier Side Mission

The kickback mission is pretty simple, you must hit the ball under the left side ramp and next to the left corner of the house, shown in the photo below, a total of 5 times, with each hit lighting LED arrows with the final shot completing the round kick back LED.

There is one final way to activate a x2 bonus score multiplier for the table, and that is by hitting the 4 blue LED targets hidden behind the bushes along the house, shown in the photo below.

Final Tips — How to get a high score on this table

As with most pinball tables, activating multiball should be the main objective when starting out, and this table is no exception. Aiming for the center ladder and trying to complete the Fanatic Attic mission should be the first priority, as this is what will start your multiball mission. Once the center playfield opens up, your focus should be on the center of the table, as there is going to be one ball located down below and this lower playfield is very important as it will activate 2 separate missions if you can keep the ball going down there. It may be beneficial to entirely focus on this lower playfield at the cost of possibly losing your extra balls. The lower playfield mission can be completed multiple times, along with hitting the bumpers a total of 20 times will raise the extra ball tombstone at the bottom of the table allowing for that shot to grant the extra ball.

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