Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion: Endings, Shortcut Keys, Cheat, and All Debug Codes

Here is some information on how to start the game: Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion.


Tips for Ending Conditions

For endings, ending conditions, and menu unlock conditions, see the Tips&Hints
(You can access Tips from the title or from the pop-up menu that appears when you press the ESC key)
Cheat menu (accessible by phone item in inventory)

On the board game screen, you can play the game using the Roll button at the bottom
You can save after a day passes
In the setting menu, you can set the resolution of the game, the speed of text, and the volume
I recommend you to speed up the message speed
I do not recommend changing font type and font size because all text sizes and fonts have not been tested enough
If the game is slow in the android version, set the graphic setting to ‘very low’ in Settings
The game is optimized for a 16:9 ratio resolution
Problems with other resolutions will be improved over time
Higher attractiveness, pheromones, corruption lead to more diverse event
Lower reputation lead to more diverse event

Shortcut keys

L-Ctrl : Skip
A : Toggle Auto
L : Show backlog
Space bar, Enter : continue
Tab : Toggle UI (But use the right side of the button in Animated H-Scene)
ESC : Popup menu
` : Toggle console UI (pro only)


Skill Points and Money Cheat (No Penalty)

Conditions: you must achieve one ending.

Get to day 60. to do this, select the option to start at day 31. from there onwards, you can skip a day by clicking on ‘Contact’ where you can call a person. you can call a person you like or simply click on ‘return’ to skip a day. repeat this 29 times and voila, you’re at day 60! now choose to take the red pill from your inventory and you’ll have achieved an ending.

All Debug Codes

* You must enter the code through the Phone item in your inventory
oldsave – cheats for earning oldsave achievements
resetsev – Reset the list registered in Simple EV
karma – Raise Tomie’s Karma (for Stalker EV)
stalker – Added Common stalker. He constantly bullies Tomie if he has karma.
forblackmail – added blackmail photos. for debug
resetsamdaikn – Resets when either Naturo or Karl is shut down
cursedsamdai – reset Sungold and reset Samdai stack to 4
getstrippedagain – Added 3 outfits (Nightclub, Maid, Home)
iwanteasymode – Earn 50 achievement points

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