Tormented Souls: New Costume and Weapon (Halloween Update)

This short guide explains how to get the new costume and weapon that have been added with the Halloween update (28th of October 2021).


Tormented Souls New Costume and Weapon (Halloween Update 2021)

After you finish the game you’ll get a couple of new pictures to the right of your results. They clue you in on how to get the new items:

1. You can find the new outfit right at the very start of the game, in the Private Restroom, in the very first locker on the left:

You can equip the new outfit under your Resourses tab, select “Change clothes”:

2. Proceed down the corridor past the diver helmet and go up the stairs to the painting of Judith beheading Holofernes. Interact with it 3 times:

3. Go back to the diver helmet and walk around it counter-clockwise 5 times:

4. The painting of poor Holofernes losing his head will open up the new puzzle:

5. Try and mentally connect the squares shown on the left to come up with two numbers and a figure. Then select them with the circle dial on the right:

6. Here’s the solution of the puzzle:

The safe will open and you’ll get a new cool nailer that fires 3 nails in a burst!


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