Tornado: Research and Rescue – How To Farm Samples

This guide will teach you how you can farm samples in the game. Yes, there is a little work involved before you can farm, but once you achieve greatness, you get profit.

1. Load Into Game

First Load into the games menu and click “Start”. Then, You will be shown the screen below. Enter all the settings the way they are in the photo.
The fields “Death”,”Date”, and “Vehichle” do not apply.

2. And So it Begins

Now that you have set up the settings accordingly, start the game. Once you are in the game, click “Tab” on your keyboard to open up your laptop in the game and go to the “Upgrades” page on the laptop. What your going to need to do is get enough money to upgrade your vehicle’s maximum wind speed to at least 230 mph. Don’t focus on any of the other upgrades cause you will not need them in order to farm. Once you get it to where your vehicle can withstand up to at least 230 mph winds, you’re ready, and feel free to upgrade it to its maximum 250 mph because It will improve the farming so you can withstand even slightly stronger tornadoes. Also, I recommend using the Tornado Intercept Vehicle [2003] which can be found in the workshop. The link is below. I recommend it because the vehicle is longer in length and is harder to blow over and flip when it sits in place. Hmmm……. that just doesn’t sound right. Anyway! Once you’re upgraded you are ready for the next step!

Workshop Item – Tornado Intercept Vehicle [2003]
Author – JJester6000

3. Get Into Position

Now that you can at least withstand the winds of an EF4 tornado, you need to find a little corner where you can park your vehicle where it’s on the south side. This is so you don’t move as much and if you got the TIV2003 vehicle, you can deploy it once you’re in the corner so you basically can’t move in any direction other than backwards. Here is an example of what I mean below.

4. Let the Money Flow in

Now sit back and relax as tornadoes either storm their way over to your location or spawn right over you as you earn tons of samples. Then once you’ve had enough, go sell those samples and gain profit! Enjoy!

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