Total War ROME REMASTERED: How to Place Long Worded Characters and Settlements’ Name in the Console

I’ve seen alot of people “asking” to the point of complaining that they don’t know *how* to place longly worded characters and settlements’ names in the console, Well im going to teach you how.


The 1st step (And review the descr_stat, when all else fails)

(if your using a modded version, Check the descr_strat in

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Gold\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign


C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Gold\data\world\maps\campaign\

((a descr_strat should also be in the other *separate* campaigns))

or similar for the BI version if working with that

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Gold\BI\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign)

((Descr_strat holds the families names for your family in it, it’s why i’m mentioning it))

The 2nd Step (the character_reset long name version)

The 2nd Step (the character_reset long name version)
For Agents or Named Family Character’s that *have* “of” in their name use,For Example: Character_reset "Ariphron of_Scotussa"
(and if there is multiple of’s do this for example: Belenus of_the_Brigantes)(include the “s)For Named Family Character’s or agents that *have no* “of” in their name use,

For Example: Character_reset "Titus Brutus"

(include the “s)

For Named Family Character’s or Agents that have *only* a first name use,

For Example: Character_reset "Ricburgis" or just Ricburgis *without the quotes*

For Named characters with a hyphon in them do this, for example: "Drusten White_Hero"

(include the “s)

(Note/reminder for all of these longer worded ones: use the quotes, especially for the “of’s” and for the no “of’s but spaced ones”)

((for vanilla here or atleast in the old classic one, There’s an exception or bug,

for the greek cities: there’s a character called Agamemmon of Sparta, now you’d think that you would do the first example here in the guide for him, you don’t, you use the last example so just Agamemmnon, you could correct it in the descr_strat and if that doesn’t work for some reason try the descr_names.txt one instead to fix it, but honestly its up to you here)).

3rd step (how to do the settlement name)

For The Long Named Settlements that use two words with a space

for example use: “Dal_Raida”

For The Long Named Settlements that use 3 or more words with 2 spaces

for example use: “Domus_Dulcis_Domus”

By Otto Von Litmarck

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