Trek to Yomi: All Trophies List

Among the most anticipated independent titles of 2022, Trek to Yomi is in a good position. The game developed by Flying Wild Hog already benefits from a certain “quality label” as it is published by Devolver Digital, an absolute reference in the world of indie games, and its art direction inspired by Kurosawa’s cinema seduced players long before they could get their hands on it! While waiting to know our verdict on this title, we propose you to discover the complete list of trophies of Trek to Yomi on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, in order to inaugurate for the occasion our complete solution of Trek to Yomi. On the program, 29 trophies including 9 bronze, 14 silver, 5 gold and of course one platinum, which we reveal to you the whole list below.



  • End of recess

    Complete Chapter 1

  • After the storm

    Complete Chapter 2

  • Ashes and dust

    Complete Chapter 3

  • fleeting destiny

    Complete Chapter 4

  • Thanatonaute

    Complete Chapter 5

  • The end of the journey?

    Complete Chapter 6

  • This could be useful

    Pick up the first upgrade

  • First bloodshed

    Kill the first enemy

  • mischievous spirit

    Kill ten enemies without using weapons


  • Rendezvous with death

    Complete the game in any mode

  • Devoted collector

    Collect all upgrades

  • With a fine comb

    Find all the collectibles in the story

  • follow his heart

    Complete the game choosing the path of love

  • follow his blade

    Complete the game choosing the path of anger

  • follow his reason

    Complete the game by choosing the path of the oath

  • Men kaeshi do

    Perform 50 parries

  • Bloodlust

    Perform 50 final blows

  • Big Bertha

    Kill three enemies at the same time with the ozutsu

  • It calmed you down, Sadatame…

    Kill Sadatame without taking a single hit

  • All sweet, the shogun

    Kill Shogun Kagerō without taking a single hit

  • Forgive me, sensei

    Kill Demonic Sanjuro without taking a single hit

  • unstoppable

    Complete the game in Kensei mode

  • Untouchable

    Complete a chapter without dying or visiting a shrine


  • Unsubdued, Undefeated, Intact

    Complete the game in Ronin Mode

  • premature end

    Defeat Kagerō in Chapter 3

  • Aiko it hurts

    Kill Demonic Aiko without taking a single hit

  • on the other side of the mirror

    Kill Demonic Hiroki without taking a single hit

  • demon demolished

    Kill Demonic Kagerō without taking a single hit


  • An unforgettable journey

    Collect all other trophies


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