Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: 100% Achievement Guide

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This achievement guide is intended for those struggling to finish the game. If you don’t care or have already seen the game, carry on.


There are a total of 24 documents in the game, they can be found like so:

  • Tax Bill – This is a required document to begin the game.
  • Strawberry’s Love Letter – Grow the plant in Veggieville located behind the blueberry and give it the the strawberry florist.
  • Wanted Poster – In the top left corner of Weapon Woods you’ll find a wanted poster tacked to a tree.
  • Jerry’s Bill – After obtaining the Soil Sword, go kill Jerry the Snail, he’s the one that owes rent money. Hand the money over to his blueberry roommate.
  • Waysandwich Receipt – In Layer Lane, in the top left of the area, there is a trash can. Rummage through it to get the receipt.
  • Construction Beet’s 1099 – To the left of the Bustling Barn stands a beet, talking to him results in him handing over his 1099.
  • SlayQueen32’s Autograph – This is a required document, just continue to play the game.
  • Fastbooks – After getting SlayQueen32’s Autograph, return to the bellpepper sandwich guy. He’ll give you this document.
  • Receipt for Carrot Seeds – In Plain Plains, there is a carrot farm, to the top left of the fenced in area, you’ll see it laying on the ground.
  • Matt’s Draft Letter – You can find this document in the same room where you’ll find the Baby Cherry in the Forgotten Farmhouse.
  • Army Telegram – This is on the bed right before the boss room in Forgotten Farmhouse.
  • Turnip-chan – After beating the boss in Forgotten Farmhouse, return to Veggieville, there is a character with apple cats, return the final one to her.
  • Flipflop Petition – When you enter Forbidden Forest, on the second room, there is the option to go north, grab the phone in this area and return it to Holly on the cliff directly above it.
  • Vandalized Wanted Poster – North of the Lab in Forbidden Forest, this document hangs on a tree.
  • Acorn’s Deed – After clearing Forbidden Forest, an acorn will be on a stump by the lab, speak to him to get a leaf, take this to the real estate blueberry in Layer Lane, she will give you the deed, return to the acorn to finalize the transaction.
  • Graveyard Letter – In the graveyard, this document is pinned to a gravestone.
  • Nuclear Info Sheet – When you enter the bunker in Weapon Woods, you’ll find this in the first hallway as you progress.
  • Old Newspaper – When you are in the kitchen of the bunker, go up and to the right, this document will be in there.
  • Liz’s Diary Entry – This is in the second bedroom in the bunker.
  • Basic English for Dum Dums – In the Mafia Base, located specifically north of the first split.
  • Layers to an Onion – Climb down the ladder and go left in the Mafia Base, you’ll find this book in there.
  • Dad’s Letter – After watering some portal plants and head up, in the left room this letter will be on the desk.
  • Greenhouse Deed – This is the final document and is a part of the story.

Hat Achievements

Hat Wearer can be gotten simply by getting any singular hat.
Fashionista is gotten by obtaining every hat, listed below.

Hats can be found like so:

  • DLC hat – Simply check your mailbox, this hat will be in there.
  • Sunhat – Speak to the blueberry in Veggieville after ripping up Strawberry’s love letter. Blueberry (clueless to your actions) will give you this hat.
  • Crown – Beat the boss in Bustling Barn and speak with SlayerQueen32 to get this hat.
  • Hardhat – After beating the boss in Bustling Barn, a beet will be in the hallway. He will direct you to obtain some wood. Do as he says and return to him for this hat.
  • Fedora – To get this hat, talk to the Pickled Gang in the freezer in Forgotten Farmhouse. They will tell you to get a hammer. Return to Layer Lane and speak to the carrot in the same area you went to for the wood. Return to the Pickled gang and speak to them for the hat. While here, speak to Pops the potato to save yourself trouble later.
  • Explorer’s hat – Complete Forbidden Forest and then speak with Annie before returning to the Mayor, she’ll give you this hat.
  • Tophat – In the first room in Grim Graveyard go to the top left. The top hat will be in one of those graves.
  • Bird Hat – If you didn’t already, speak to Pops in the freezer in Forgotten Farmhouse. Complete Grim Graveyard and speak to Tots, he’ll send you to the Forgotten Farmhouse with a letter to Pops, who in turn will send you back to Tots. After doing this, he will give you the bird hat.
  • Farmer’s Hat – After obtaining the bird hat, return to Pops one more time to get this hat.
  • Scissors – After getting the hair dye from the bunker, return to the carrot at the bottom of Layer Lane and speak to him.

Heart Plants

You can receive the first four extra hearts by beating the bosses in sequential order. The remaining ones can be found like so:

  • Layer Lane – First beat the boss in Bustling Barn. Return to Layer Lane and go left, in there is a series of boomblooms. Kick the first one right, the next one down, the next one left, kick that one up, the next one right, and boom, first non-boss heart.
  • Weapon Woods – Turn on the generator in Forbidden Farmhouse. In that room is a spray can. Go to Weapon Woods and go right, a character in there is in need of it and will reward you with a heart.
  • Plain Plains – First obtain the Pocket Petalportal found in the Forgotten Forest. Return to Plain Plains and go all the way right. This heart is under the rock in the bottom right.
  • Forgotten Farmhouse – Speak to the Pickled Gang in the freezer in Forgotten Farmhouse. Do as they say and they will reward you with the Fedora. Speak to them again and then leave the room. Go back in and you will get this heart.
  • Rocky Ramps – This heart is in the cave blocked by the Tangerine Dog. First beat the game and then return here. You must collect all documents in order to obtain this heart. If you did not get all the documents, refer to the above section for their locations.

Remaining Achievements

The remaining achievements are scattered throughout. You can get them like so:

  • Adventurer – This achievement is acquired simply by playing the game.
  • Winner – In the top right near Bustlin Barn, a trophy is just sitting there, simply pick it up.
  • Criminal – This achievement is also acquired simply by playing the game.
  • Anarchist – To get this achievement, you have to destroy all the documents listed above.
  • Tank – Similarly to Anarchist, you have to get all the heart plants as listed above.
  • Turnip Boy – You get this achievement simply by beating the game. Regardless of whether you beat the secret boss or not.
  • Destroyer of the World – Descend the ladder all the way down in the Mafia Hideout and go to the backmost room. Inside you will find a nuclear bomb. Hit it three times to get this achievement.
  • Taxation with Representation – Beat the secret boss. It’s completely possible to get this on your first run if you destroy all the documents before facing down the final boss.
  • Passenger – After beating the game, get on the Limitless Line. Simply lose to get this achievement.
  • Conductor – Beat the Conductor on the Limitless Line for the first time to get this achievement.
  • ??? – This achievement seems to be mostly up to random chance. Board the Limitless Line and play through until you come across a character simply named ???. This will award you the achievement.

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