Twin Mirror: 100% Collection Guide (All Memories and Mementos)

Location of all memories and mementos (with pictures!) to get you the Full House and Cherish Your Memories achievements.



Hey, thanks for stopping by! This guide will help you to complete the achievements Full House (all mementos) and Cherish Your Memories (all memories). There are eight memories and fourteen mementos to find, and I’m here to help you locate them all! So, without further ado…

Lookout Point

Memento: Anna 1

As you round the corner into the second part of this first area, there is a giant tree in the middle. Circle around back, and there will be some moss you can scrape off. Do so, and underneath will be initials carved into the bark.

Memory 1

Unmissable. Keep going up the trail, and look at the telescope on the summit.

Miner’s Haven

Memento: Nick 1

Once you have control of Sam, head down the alley to the left of the building. At the end is an old sign.

Memory 2

Past the booths on the right wall is a jukebox. Head over for your second memory.

Memory 3

After speaking to Kathy at the memorial board, you will be prompted to put up a picture. Glance down at your hand BEFORE you attach it to start the memory.

Memento: Anna 2

The song Anna plays is beautiful. Take a minute to enjoy it, then check out her guitar for her second memento.

Storage Room
Memento: Ethan

Following the panic of the events in your hotel room, you end up back at the bar. Sam will let himself into the storeroom. Hang a left, and on the top shelf will be an exotic liquor bottle.

Downtown Basswood

Around Town
Memento: Dennis

Sam will come under control in a parking lot. Behind and to your left will be a white car. Circle around behind to check out the vanity plate.

Memento: Joe

Once on the street, head right. Go as far as you can, until you see an alley on your left. Declan will be there with an unnamed character. After your conversation, glance at the wall to your right, where you’ll see some pretty obvious miner graffiti.

Memento: Kathy

Kathy is manning the pharmacy register. Right beside her is a hand-decorated glass jar.

Memory 4

As you walk in, you’ll be asked to help clean up some games Cristina dropped. Let the cards take Sam into his memory palace.

Memento: Declan

Toward the cafe’s doors is a sitting area with a cork board. Check out the board, then the cowboy boot keychain.

Basswood Jungle
Memento: Walter

Walter, you’ll find, is a bit of a sap. After Sam is set loose to gather more information, stop by his old cubicle (directly across from Dennis’) and look at his nameplate.

Memento: Tara

In Walter’s office, you’ll need to look for clues as to his computer’s password. On the opposite wall are some photos. Tara’s memento is the picture of the Basswood Jungle team.

Anna’s House

Memory 5

Before heading into Anna’s place, go to the left next to the house. At the end of the garden area is a shed with a HOUSE SOLD sign laying in front of it. You’ll get treated to a bittersweet memory.

Memory 6

Across from where Anna is sitting will be a desk. Look no further for your next memory.

Memento: Anna 3

From the desk, turn around so you can peek behind the chair beside the fireplace. Anna’s travel journal will be there.

Memento: Joan 1

In the room that Joan is using, glance at the stuffed toy in the drawer against the far wall.

Memory 7

Now turn and glance at the bed. This will be your second-to-last memory.

Fishing Shack

This is the last location that has collectibles. Congrats, you made it!

Memory 8

On the path to the shack, there will be a campfire to your left. Against the tree by the water is an old fishing pole. Collect your last memory, and your achievement.

Memento: Nick 2

Inside is a collection of photos on the wall. Look at them, and then at Nick and Kathy’s graduation picture.

Memento: Joan 2

Go through the shack’s closed door and look down directly on your left. One of Joan’s comics will be on a bench, netting you your last memento and your second achievement.

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