Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts: Different Ship Types Guide

In this guide i will tell you about the different ship types, what they do, and what guns go on which.


Transport/Merchant Ships
This is the weakest ship hull and cannot be controlled or buildt by the player. They can randomly spawn with no weapons at all or sometimes they’ll spawn with a 2-5 inch gun on the bow or stern. Or bow and stern. They are mainly for the sandbox mode or for story mode. I’ve never played story mode however, so this may be wrong. They resemble oil tankers or cargo ships.

Torpedo Boats
The Torpedo Boat is like the little brother of the destroyer. They can only be buildt by certain countries between 1890-1907. They carry small guns whose calibers are around 2-5 inch, much like the merchants. From this point onward every ship i talk about can be controlled and modified by the player. They can also carry torpedos. (16-19 inch, i beleive) They can have up to 3 tubes with one weapon too. They are intended to get up close and batter the enemy ships (presumealy cruisers) with torpedos. They are fast and nimble, with small hulls and even smaller guns. If your doing a sandbox battle in the old times, i reccomend having a few of these on your side. They also are quite good at taking in fire, but like i said earlier, they are quite small, so don’t expect many hits from them, or even hits on them.

The good old classic Destroyer. The destroyer is essentially just a torpedo boat 2.0. They are fast and nimble, like the torpedo boat, however they are bigger, so expect to be hit more when operating a destroyer. They’re weapons consist of 2-5 inch main guns, and 1-5 tubes of torpedo launchers capable of firing up to 24 inch torpedos! Just like the TP, they’re designed to get up close and destroy thier enemies with torpedos. Hence the name, Destroyer. They’re also the first ship to get armor. Thier armor can go from 0-6 inch armor, i believe.

Light/Heavy Cruisers
First off, Light Cruisers. LC’s are the first sort of, main battle ship. They usaully stay behind the destroyers and torpedo boats and battleships and steadily charge towards the enemies. They have more armor than a destroyer, less gun than a battleship, but are generally faster than Heavy Cruisers. They are great for firing at the enemy from range. They’re armor goes from 0-9 inch and they’re guns go from 2-8 inch.

Now for the Heavy Cruisers. These are the first of the big beefy boys. They are reccomended for use to stay behind and hold the line. They’re faster than a battleship, slower than a destroyer, but are good for long range firefights like the light cruisers. Their also very good at just absorbing damage from the more smaller ships. Armor is 0-22 inch, i think, while the guns are from 2-11 inch.

Battleships and Battlecruisers
Battleships and Battlecruisers are the same thing, but just a bit different. Battleships are good for medium to long range engagements and have the biggest guns in the game. (2-20 inch) Armor is 0-55 inch. Meanwhile however, the Battlecruisers are good for being more like Super-Heavy-Cruisers, or SHC, for short. Thier guns go from 2-18 inch, Armor is 0-55 inch, like the battleships. Anyways, you know what a battleship is, if you don’t, then stop living under a rock and do some research.

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