Ultimate Custom Night: AFK 5000 Points Strategy

I’ve been seeing a lot of easy 5000 points recently. Which made me quickly realize that their pattern is not as consistent and easy. In this guide I will show the EASIEST way of doing it.

Note: AFK means that away from the keyboard.



Set the characters exactly like this

AFK Characters

A list of the selected characters which will never bother you during the night if you follow the following instructions or if you don’t do anything about them at all.

  • Bonnie
  • Nightmare Bonnie
  • Jack-O-Chica
  • Nightmare Mangle
  • Circus Baby
  • Trash and the Gang
  • Happy Frog
  • Mr. Hippo
  • Pigpatch
  • Rockstar Chica
  • Rockstar Foxy
  • Funtime Chica

Non-AFK Characters

In this section I will explain how the other selected characters work

  • Toy Chica & Toy Bonnie: When they appear, wear your mask until the go away.
  • BB & JJ: Almost every time you pull down the monitor, one will probably appear. It’s not too important to shut the vent against them, but you can still pay attention if you want, doesn’t really matter.
  • Withered Bonnie & Rockstar bonnie: They have a chance of appearing every 13 seconds. Try not to waste too much time on the cameras.
  • Phantom Mangle & Phantom BB: When you have to do something on the cameras, you can quickly switch between Duct or Vent System to make them go away. They’re not a big problem at all.
  • Phantom Freddy: Flash your light on him when he appears. Although it’s not a big necessity.
  • El Chip: He may interrupt you with an ad in 10 second intervals. He won’t be that much of a threat in this mode, though.
  • Phone Guy: He may give a call every 10 seconds. You can intentionally ignore the call if you want. There are no characters selected that are affected by noise.
  • Rockstar Foxy: Do not click on the bird… That’s all.

Important Points

Now it’s time for the most important things to do during the night

  • Place an audio Lure somewhere middle-left in the Duct System and don’t leave it. Nedd Bear and Orville Elephant are not selected because they are capable of escaping the range of the audio.
  • Always stay on CAM 02. After a moment, you should not even switch between Duct or Vent System.

    This will prevent the plush animatronics and Rockstar Chica from jumpscaring you.
  • Always keep the wen floor sign on the LEFT. This way, Rockstar Chica can’t get you through both left and right side. Because you are stalling her on CAM 02.
  • ALWAYS stay on the Power Generator the entire night. Never change it.
  • Do NOT turn off the fan. It is fine unless it reaches above 90 degrees. But you will still have so much power remaining if you keep it on with Power Gen. at the same time.


In here, I will show different alternatives so you get to choose the pattern the looks easier and preferable to you.


For this one, you do not need to keep the room cool (it’s still better if you do.) But you have to be sure to put the mask on every single time to avoid Golden Freddy from jumpscaring you.


For this one, you do not need to use the flashlight at all. But you still need to keep the fan on, and be sure to wear the mask every time after lowering the monitor.

Start of the Night

  • First, you want to turn on the Power Generator (the button ‘1’ on keyboard.)
  • Next, pull up the monitor and go to Duct System. Place an audio lure somewhere middle-left.
  • Then go back to normal cameras and switch to CAM 02. Keep it there and NEVER leave it.

and you’re done

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