Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator: How to kill Chunk Norris

How to kill Chunk Norris easily without even having to break the space-time continuum.


Preparing the Battle

In order to kill Chunk Norris we are going to need three things:

  • A Chunk Norris team (obviously)
  • A token enemy team (any units should work)
  • The Volcano Map

I recommend setting both teams to Hold Position, though it isn’t necessary.

Place Chunk at the edge of the lava pool.

Summoning the Enemy

Once you have started the battle, possess one of your Chunk Norrises and run him into the center of the lava pool where the smoke is being released.

The lava will damage you, but since Chunk’s health automatically refills at hitting a number less than 0, you won’t have to worry about that DPS.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Now that you have summoned the monster that lives at the center of the volcano, he will attack any units around the mouth of the volcano, including your Chunk Norrises.

Unlike most damage, Chunk cannot refill if he is damaged by the volcano demon, so after a hit or two, Chunk will die like any other unit.

Congratulations, you have killed the unkillable!

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