ULTRAKILL: How to Unlock the Clash Cheat (Secret Mission)

Here is a guide on how to unlock the new secret cheat.


getting to the secret mission
first, go to 4-2 and make your way to inside the temple

now go through the door on the left and out the window closest to the door on the right side

now go down this little crevice thing and press this button on the wall

now come back to the entrance of the temple, go down the right side and through the door

pick up this thing, go to the roof of the temple and place the thing on the pedestal

now go behind the starting area (you can walk on the sand now without taking damage) and head towards the glowing orb in the sky, underneath it is the level transition to the secret level

crash bandicoot
yeah the secret level is just crash bandicoot.

if you’re familiar with crash, you know that to 100% a level you have to break all crates in the level, that same idea is used here but instead as a reward you get the secret cheat thingy that lets you play every level in the game with this modifier

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