Unity of Command II: Allied Forces Analysis (Blitzkrieg DLC)

This guide will outline the forces you will face while playing through the Blitzkrieg DLC.



Herr General
Find reports of enemy formations below

Explanation of system of categorization
1st number outside=Regular steps in units
Number inside brackets is specialist steps
e.g. 27 DP(division Name)- Reinforced(relative strength description(see below)) 6[number of regular steps](1)[number of specialist steps]
Relative Strength descriptions
<4(0/1) or 4(0) are Understrength
4(1) and 5(0) are Regular
5(1) and 6(0) are Fresh
6(1) and 7(0/1) are Reinforced
Specialised descriptions below.
DP/PDP/WDP= All different names for Polish Infantry Divisions
OW= Polish Detachment roughly equivalent to a German Regiment
BK=Polish Cavalry Brigade

Polish Campaign (Danzig Corridor)

Danzig Corridor
General, welcome to the front. Our objectives are the capture of the Danzig Corridor, most importantly the city of Danzig and the inland cities of Bydgoszcz and Torun. Additionally capturing the city of Grudziadz, securing the Tuchola forest and seizing the port of Gydnia will free up resources for the rest of the Polish campaign.

Direct Reserves-None
4 DP- Fresh 6(0)
9 DP- Fresh 6(0)
15 WDP- Reinforced 7(1)
16 PDP- Fresh 6(0)
26 DP- Fresh 6(0)
27 DP- Reinforced 6(1)
Pomorze BK- Regular 5(0)
LOW- Regular 5(0)
OW Chojnice- Understrength 2(0)
OW Koscierzyna- Understrength 2(0)
Westerplatte Garrison- Understrength 3(0)
The Army of Pomerania stands in our way, led by Bortnowski, one of the most celebrated Polish Generals. Despite his prestige, he has failed to persuade his commanders to allow him to fall behind a more defensible position, allowing us to cut his forces in two by seizing Grudziadz and cutting the rail line bwteeen Bydgoszcz and Danzig, trapping many of his troops in the North.

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