Unrailed!: Underwater Update Achievement Guide

How to get back to 100% achievements after the Underwater Update.



Ahoy railroaders,

this is a very early guide on how to get the five new achievements released with the Underwater Update.

The achievements are ordered chronologically, i.e. in the order you will probably (want to) unlock them if you want to be efficient.

You can get all new achievements in one playthrough. Consider getting “Martian” separately.

Underwater biome

How to enter

The underwater biome can be entered by building tracks into a tunnel/gate. You can see one in the top left of the main screen (You can even enter it!).

For the gate to appear, you have to collect a special bolt first (confirmation required).

Special features
  • There is no shop when underwater! Plan ahead and farm your favorite wagons in the start biome first.
  • In every section, there is an option to exit.
  • The area is very open (on medium difficulty). Also there is dynamite-like fish. A dynamite wagon is good but not essential.
  • You can swim across gaps but, unlike in space, you can not float outside the ground area.
  • Remember to breath.
  • When you leave this biome
    • you will have the next engine,
    • therefore be in the next biome,
    • and have to play until the next station to get into the shop

Dynamite Fishing

These fish are explosive – handle with care!

Underwater, you will encounter dynamite-like fish. They expand when a player is near them. At a certain point they explode.

For this achievement, pick one up and let it kill you with its explosion.

20 Miles Under the Sea

You tend to like it underwater!

Play for 30 minutes in the new Underwater biome in one go.

Saved by Nausicaä

You found the exit.

Simply build tracks back to the exit present in each section. Note that back at the surface you still have to reach the next station!


This achievement is not related to the new Underwater biome. Instead, the list of “30 min-in-one-biome”-achievements is completed by adding one for the Mars biome.

Discover a new world.

Play in the Mars biome for at least 30 minutes in one go. Remember that saving and loading will reset the counter!

For Mars, an Auto-Collector is really helpful. With blue dynamite, resources will be plenty and you can build vertically loops (one track-wide spacing recommended) to keep the train speed low for as long as possible. Two or three stations should be sufficient.


Getting all those bolts surely took some time!

There is a new special bolt in the underwater biome. It should appear in the third section of the biome[unrailed-wiki.com]. Collect it and all other special bolts in each biome in one play through to unlock this achievement. It should pop without the need to upgrade to the bus.

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