Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Achievement Guide 100%

Caution: Spoilers ahead!


Story Related Achievements

These achievements will be automatically unlocked, as you play through the game. You can’t miss them.

A gathering of beasts
Scene 1 complete

‘Proper’ Vampires Frown On This
Feed from a rat
Unlocks at the beginning of Scene 04 – Unknown (Emem).

“Are You Scared Now? You Should Be.”
Scene 5 complete

World of Darkness
“SAD Base” scene started
Unlocks with the beginning of Scene 09.

Complete Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong


Polite Conversation
Win a Confrontation without using a Discipline

There are several occasions when you can do this achievement. the easiest one would be in Scene 01 with Emem as she is convincing Journey to run away.
If you don’t want that, you can do this achievement easily in Scene 03 – Loft, where you answer Halseys riddles.

Road of the Beast
Start and win a confrontation while you’re hungry

You can do this during any confrontation. The easiest would be in Scene 03 – Loft (Leysha), as you don’t need a skill check against Halsey to win the (obviously) easy confrontations.

You Are What You Eat
Get one resonance with each character

This scene is the earliest opportunity, where you can get this achievement.
You have to feed on a mortal with Emem, Galeb and Leysha each at any point throughout the game.

Increase a Discipline or Skill to Level 3

Increase a Skill to the maximum level
As these are pretty expensive, focus one of your Skills.

Increase a Discipline to the maximum level
As these are pretty expensive, focus one of your Discipline.


“How Could I Forget?”
Emem found the memories she lost at the Chantry
Scene 04 – Unknown: To earn this, you must find all seven memories.

Face the Music
After freeing Kurt from his prison in the Chantry, Emem defeated Kurt at the SAD Base

Scene 04 – Unknown:
Kurt is the imprisoned vampire at the top of the tower.
For that you have to complete the “additional” riddle for each of the 3 floors. You can do that as you direct the blood from the center pool back to the corresponding glyph.
If you released Kurt he has his comeback in Scene 11 – Part 3.

Black Rattlers
Emem left the Anarch Camp with Cerys, Rafa, and Saule

Scene 08 – Anarch Domain:
Complete every quest, convince the anarchs and win the confrontations.


Emem found all the clues about the informant at the SAD Base

You’ll need to find alle informant clues during Scene 11. Apart from that you must have recruited Rafa in Scene 08 – Anarch Domain and moved the crane with Leysha in Scene 10.

Part 1:
Clue #1) You are able to walk on the long yellow crane above the room. As you walk across you are able to use Auspex and eavesdrop 2 NPCs.
Clue #2) You are crouching at the ceiling and overhear an argument of an agent and a soldier. After the agent leaves you can kill the soldier and interrogate the agent afterwarts. Use the Presence option.

Part 2:
Clue #3) In room I3 to gain more clues
Clue #4) In room I3 you’ll find a safe. After you loot and inspect everything in it contact Rafa.
Clue #5) In room I4 is a red sticky note – read it and contact Rafa.

Part 3:
Use the search function of the database as follows and select the result files:

  • Informant + Interrogation
  • Nomenclature + Interrogation
  • Informant + Accomplice
  • Terrorist + Capture
  • Informant + Codename
  • Corvus + Identity
  • Jara Drory + Interrogation


Don’t kill anyone while exfiltrating Moore from his apartment.

Scene 02 – Moore’s Apartment
As the description says: don’t kill anyone during the escape scene after you found Moore.
Upgrade your Dominance, be well fed and use the “Vvtae of Quentin King”, which is found in one of the dumpsters at the garage area.

No Survivors
Galeb eliminated all the high-ranking members of the Society of St. Leopold

Scene 06 – Long Island
The three high-ranking members are the dudes with the red implants.
After the confrontation with “Joseph Manneh” (Treasury) you gain the option to spare him – just don’t.

Precision Job
Galeb found the right implant on Long Island on his first try

Scene 06 – Long Island:
Activate Favarone’s implant (Clinic) at the elevator-area, go back to the monitoring area and select the “User Session” tab where you can sign in with you current (Favarone) implant.

The Enemy of My Enemy
Galeb freed the werewolf in the SAD Base

Scene 09 – S.A.D Base:
Galeb has two options to escape from the prison. This one is the
This is one of the two options for Galeb’s escape during Scene 09 – Part 1. This one is the easy way. You’ll need Psychology Lv4 and the werewolf is free and won’t attack Galeb.


Mom of the Year
Leysha was able to reassure Halsey throughout her entire mission at the loft.

Scene 03 – Red Salon
You’ll face several confrontations during this cene. Don’t use Disciplines or Skills as Halsey has the same stats as Leysha.

The Right Dose
Leysha freed the uncooperative Vessel at The Red Salon

Scene 07 – Red Salon
You’ll need to send the correct drugs to the vessel. That would be 2x Trajax MG.

I Never Want to See You Again
Leysha spared Richard Dunham after hearing the truth

Scene 10 – Part 1: The Hidden Room.
You need a few skill checks to open the door opposite to the entrance to interrogation room.
You need Auspex (Lv2) to discover the hidden door, Obsufcate to clear it and Security (Lv4) with 6 Willpower to lockpick the door.
Behind is Richard. After a heated argument you have the choice: spare or kill him. For this achievement you should show mercy.

A Hard Pill to Swallow
Leysha succumbed to her rage and destroyed Richard Dunham
See the previous achievement. Don’t spare Richard, just kill him.

Don’t Pet the Dog
Leysha escaped from the werewolf at the SAD Base

Scene 10 – Part 2 (only available if Galeb frees the werewolf in Scene 09 – Part 1):
Hide from the werewolf, open the door, escape.

For the Dead Travel Fast
Leysha managed to get to Halsey in time to save her

Scene 10 – Part 3 (only available if Leysha is still alive):
You have to save Halsey and pass all three confrontations.

My Flesh and Blood
Leysha escaped from the SAD Base with Halsey.
I have no idea what’s the difference to “For the Dead Travel Fast” is.

From One Prison to Another
Leysha was unable to escape and is locked up in the SAD Base
Scene 10 – Part 3: you simply need to fail all three confrontations with Halsey.

Despair Has Its Own Calms
Leysha is locked up in the Vatican, unable to forget Halsey’s destruction
Scene 10 – Part 3: start this part and wait till the 10-minute-timer hits 0.

“Meet Me There”

“Meet Me There”
Find all the Safe Zones
You don’t have to use all Safe Zones – just discover them.

Scene 01 – Part 2 (Emem)

Alcove A: There are two (accessible) alcoven in the bar area. Select one (story related).
Alcove B: There are two (accessible) alcoven in the bar area. Select the other.

Scene 02 – Moore’s Apartment (Galeb)

Gardening Storage: If you enter the apartment, go left.
Archives: After getting the key from Moore’s desk in his Office, you can unlock the Archives on the opposite side of the room.
Staff Locker Room: Downstairs in the parking garage. You’ll find it across from Wyatt’s garbage room.

Scene 03 – Loft (Leysha)

Dressing Room: This is the first room on the right (story related).
Bathroom : This is over near the kitchen.
IT Room: This is in the area with the hazmat suit workers (story related).
Laundry Room: This is over on the opposite side of the area from where you find Richard, in a hallway that is blocked off at the very start of the level, but opens up as you continue through it.

Scene 05 – Part 1 (Galeb)

Alcove A: There are two (accessible) alcoven in the bar area (starting point). Select one.
Alcove B: There are two (accessible) alcoven in the bar area (starting point). Select the other.

Scene 05 – Part 2 (Emem)

Alcove A: There are two (accessible) alcoven in the bar area (starting point). Select one.
Alcove B: There are two (accessible) alcoven in the bar area (starting point). Select the other.

Scene 06 – Long Island (Galeb)

Cold Storage: You’ll find this automatically as part of the ‘Clinic’ area (story related).
Equipment Storage: This is just the back room of the ‘Treasure’ department.
Chemical Storage: This is a locked room in the ‘Pyre’ area. You can break in or use the valves and speak with the engineer.

Scene 07 – Red Salon (Leysha)

Storage Room: Downstairs (story related).

Scene 08 – Anarch Domain (Emem)

Storage Room: This is in the upstairs of the main hangar.
Hangar 19: This is the back room of the hangar full of drugged-up mortals.

Scene 10 – Part 1 (Leysha)

Storage: (only if Leysha was not caught). It’s the room just to your left upon starting the level.
Archives : This is in the second area, near the large room with desks and computers.

Scene 09 – Part 1 (Galeb)

Torture Room: To the left, upon leaving your own cell.

Scene 09 – Part 2 (Galeb)

Toilets: In the back right corner of the area.
Recording Room: That’s the room adjacent to Stanford’s Office. You’ll need to unlock it using your Red Implant.


Emem (if she is still alive)

If you discovered who the traitor is, I suggest to raise your Celerity to Lv4.
Only then you survive the attack of Hilda when you visit her home.

Emem joined the Primogen
Either ignore Hilda and go to the Prince or choose to join the Primogen / reporting HIlda.

Eat the Liches
Emem left the Camarilla
Visit Hilda and choose to leave the Camarilla.

You’ve Gone Too Far
Emem defeated Hilda and stopped the British invasion
Visit Hilda and choose “Leave the Camarilla” or “Join the Primogen” / “Reporting Hilda”.

Galeb (if he is still alive)

It seems that Galeb’s progress will not tracked for steam achievements.
So these are bugged / broken for the time being.

My Time Has Come (Currently bugged)
Galeb left the Camarilla to heed the beckoning
Scene 12 – Epilogue (if Galeb is alive): Choose to leave Boston.

Eternal Protector (Currently bugged)
Galeb reported back to the Prince and returned to his place in the Camarilla
Scene 12 – Epilogue (if Galeb is alive): Choose to stay in Boston.


“Let us show them the power of immortality”
Emem, Leysha, and Galeb survived the attack on Boston

“We will never forget them”
Emem, Leysha, and Galeb were all destroyed in the attack on Boston

  • Scene 09 (Galeb): release the Werewolf and fail during the confrontation with Stanford
  • Scene 10 (Leysha): fail during the encounter with the werewolf
  • Scene 11 (Emem): fail confrontation with Kurt (if you saved him) or wait 10 minutes before you upload the virus (the soldiers break in and will kill Emem)

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