Vibrant Venture: 3-1 “Club Maestro” Achievement Guide

since no one has posted this anywhere before (or at least that I’ve seen) I’m gonna post this here to help some people out
it did take me a while to get it (you cannot get the achievement if you’ve used assist mode in this level!!) but it’s almost at the end of the level close to a campfire


Get to the place, I guess

First off, you’re gonna wanna go to this campfire through the usual route. please ignore the among us pet

then, go through the annoying mouse that throws cheese (i do not know its name) and you should find another campfire and later find this platform right here

then you gotta stick to this wall (just to make sure you know what im talking about)

and then basically what i did to get to it was do a groundpound jump with banana, then quickly change to cardinal, double jump, change to banana again, do 2 groundpound cancels (or 1, i’m not sure) then walljump onto the wall and you’ll find a chandelier!

then just jump onto the chandelier and you should get the achievement if you havent used assist mode in the whole level. honestly i just found it for myself and i really didnt expect it to be there but yeah.

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