Virtual Villagers 3 The Secret City: Puzzles Guide (How to Complete)

Here is a simple guide on how to complete the puzzles in Virtual Villagers 3 The Secret City.


How to complete the puzzles

Put vilagers next to the robe in the amplitheater until the robe fits one of them. Then, you have a leader.

Build a fire by putting a villager on the pile of wood on the beach line and another villager on the pile of dry grass on the very far left of the map near the water fall. Once they have put the items on the firepit, put a villager on the fire pit to start a fire. Then, next to the beehive are some burnt out torches, put a villager on the torches until they are “Trying an idea….” Then wait patiently until the bees are smoked out.

Alchemy Room
Get an adept scientist and then put them next to the various pots and items around the village so they carry it back and fix the chamber. There is a brown pot, a red striped pot, a yello striped pot, a morter, and a stick thing. All of them must be carried back by an adept scientist or better to fix the room.

Roster of the Dead
On the right of the map near the bottom, there are a bunch of leaves on a stone. Get villagers to clear the leaves. The stone is the roster.

Weather Dance
You need level 2 in Leadership on the tech screen and at least 3 adept farmers. Put the leader on the fire and then the 3 adept farmers on as well. They will dance and then rain will come.

The Lift
You need level 2 in Reconstruction on the tech screen and 3 adept builders. Put the builders on the lift so they start fixing it all at the same time.

The Bath
You need level 2 in Reconstruction, a master builder, and the Alchemy Room puzzle complete. In the alchemy room, there is a chalkboard. Put the master builder near it so they start drawing plans. Then villagers can work towards fixing the bath.

The Orchard
You need the lift to do this. Anytime it rains, have an adult villager get on the lift, they will knock down a fruit. Then have them plant the fruit. Do this until there are 3 trees planted. You can also put a villager on the lift and have the villagers create rain. Once all of the trees are mature, this puzzle will be considered complete.

Thanks to Jamari Xin for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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