Void Destroyer 2: Early Game Money Grind

Farming Credits is a chore to you? then why not hunt some Pirate for it? but not any pirates but mission spawned pirates!


Special skills needed

So you clicked on this guide and ask yourself “How am I going to make money fast and what do i need for it”?

Actually you need nothing! just some skills and a little bit of knowledge which you aquire by playing the game!

You need:
-to know how you dogfight
-Knowledge about pirate ships which could be dangerous against your ship

Thats all you need!

Suspicius Activity

You just started your game and managed to survive the first minutes to arrive at Civilian Outpost 001 in your trusty little Hornet.
But what to do now?

Take the first mission Suspicius Activity and go on the way to complete it.

As you arrive at the mission location you find three Cutter Class Pirate ships.
After a short while some TSF Ships accompanied by a Correa will arrive and attack the pirates.

Now you have to choose:
Do you help the TSF or not?
It doesn’t matter what you choose as the TSF will always win but helping them may give you some bounty cash if you manage to last hit an enemy Fury or Cutter.

And that’s the first mission completed.

Destroy Debris

Now onto the second mission the civilians offer!
This one is self explaining.

Go Somewhere and destroy some debris.
Do these type of missions until you are allowed to take courier missions or upgraded your Fighter.

The Payout is low for what were about to do but it is a lot less dangerous

Courier Missions

Now were at a point that allows us to make Credits fast!

Courier missions are extremly simple. Take this mission and fly to another station.
What makes this more dangerous is the fact that the data you’re transporting is confidential and Pirates luke these sort of things, which means that you will get attackes by 3-4 foghters per mission.

What we need to do is get a fighter which is capable of extended periods of dogfight and self-repair.
Basically a Hornet with a defense turret and the ability Rapid Repair will do the trick.
If you are able to aford a better fighter then look for one with the ability Anti-Fighter Missles too.

But what gives us a good amount of money in early game?
No, it is not the mission. The payout of it is Horrible.
The broken thing is the Potential Bonus from killing the attacking pirate fighters.

Basically you get the amount of bounty based of the ship you destroyes + a bonus from the mission which can easily overshadow the mission payout itself.

So crank up the mission difficulty and settle out to the mission station, don’t worry if you never even scouted the sector itself, the mission marker shows the way.

About half way there you get attacked by 3-4 fighters which come one after another into your local vicinity. Destroy them and claom their bounty.

Do that until you have enough Credits to get a new fighter, a second one, or even a gunship.
Also try to accept missions which bring you to other civil stations just to save time.

The only pirate ship which could be really dangerous to you is the Rage, because it is tanky but thats about it.

Total payout should be around 13k-30k depending on difficulty and enemy ships appearing.

Escort Missions

The next money making missions are Escort missions. they are locked behind a Urgent mission and mission rank 3.

What do you need for them?
The low budget necessity you need is:
-A good upgraded fighter with Rapid Repair and Anti-fighter missiles

If you want a less risky approach to it:
-A upgraded gunship (Anti-fighter missiles, Rapid Repair)
-Some auxiliary gunships or fighters (if you can micromanage put Rapid Repair and missiles on them too)

In this missions you need to escort a Hercules to another station. The Hercules will get attacked by
pirate ships with the classifications of fighter, gunship and even corvette and that is what makes this missions difficult in the early game.

Try to focus on the fighters first (except when a Wrath is in your vicinity), they are faster, more manouverable and are able to cut off your escape path. You are not in danger because of them. Anti-fighter missiles work a like a charm on them. Use them when the distance reaches 5km and a good chunk of the health will be gone.

Secondly the pirate gunships. The most dangerous gunship will be the Wrath. They use Hit-Scan lasers to melt you in a short amount of time.
Hug the Hercules and try to take them off with your missiles and some potshots

The last ship class is corvette. Only attack them when everything else is dead as they will mainly focus on the Hercules.
Spam your missiles and give them hell
Also try strafing in circles, they won’t hit you if you do that.
The most dangerous vette’s to you are Shortbows and Longbows (high health and many defensive turret) The Raptor’s and Cutter’s should die fairly quick.

Tips for this mission:
-If you feel outgunned press Shift+D. It sends a Distress signal and TSF / Pride ships try to come to your aid. but watch out, if they Last-Hit the pirates then potential Credits are lost.
-if you’re low health use Rapid Repair after you gained distance from the enemy.
-You can cancle the mission if you’re in the overwold view and see that too many pirates are coming. The bonus payment for everykill doesn’t vanish.
-Use your Abilities. Every second a enemy with full health lives and your missiles are off cooldown is a second of wasted potential damage you could have caused.

Total Payout can vary from 60K up to 500K depending on mission difficulty and enemy ships appearing

Transport Ships

Lastly the transport ships. These will be the backbone of your economy in mid-late game

If you gathered a good amoint of money and don’t want to upgrade your ship or your own fleet, then put it into transport ships with a 1-2 gunship escort.

Put them on Auto-Trade in your Tradeship menu and let them do their thing.
The more transport ships you have the more money you are getting over time.

Also the escorts are paying for themselves by destroying pirate ships attacking your traders and claiming their bounty for you.

Start with cheap transport ships and gunship escorts and work your way up to upgraded Caterpillar MK2’s and watch the Credits rolling into your account

The End

And thats it.

You can scout the area while doing the missions and get a hefty sum of cash doing them.
Also try doing the other faction missions after you arrived at their bases for the first time.

Well, I wish ya a good pirate hunt.

<In memory of the best ship out there>
<The Wardrum>

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