Waking Knightmare: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to become the ultimate Dreamwalker.



One of three weapons can be used in fighting against nightmares or other Dreamwalkers depending on the level. (Not including Grenades)

1. Pistol ammo is only obtained from Killing normal zombies.

2 .If you are in verses mode remember to conserve ammo because once it is time to kill other dream walkers or their nightmares ammo will be impossible to obtain.

3. Starting Assault rifle ammo is all that you get whether picking up the Assault in single player, or starting with it in multiplayer mode. Saving your assault rifle ammo till you really need it in multiplayer is one strategy.

4. Shotgun is a hard weapon to run and shoot with so stopping a split second when aiming will help to aim much easier. The shot gun is great for racking up points when closer to Harder to kill nightmares.

5. In Single player a good trick is to combo reload your weapons. What do i mean by this? When reloading a weapon quickly switch to another weapon and it will continue to reload while on a second weapon. If this is done correctly it will cut down on time having to wait for reload time which can cost you valuable points.

6. Grenades are hidden in spots such as the white outlined basic zombies which run from you or in destructible pillars on the Arena map. Grenades are great for multiplayer when another Dreamwalker is holding the middle for the win.


You will encounter different types of nightmares along your journey.

1. Basic Nightmares are zombie like creatures that only take one hit to kill. If in multiplayer, once they spawn on a Dreamwalkers side they take two hits to kill.

2. Large Demon nightmares are slow but do let that fool you because they have a long reach. These nightmares are great for racking up points. Once a Demon is killed it will open the portals to spawn in Basic Nightmares.

3. A Lich is a floating Nightmare that when you get its attention it will continue to hunt you down. A Lich can throw magic which can be unpredictable. When fighting a lich remember it can only fire in a straight line so side stepping is required to avoid the projectile. You do not have to kill a lich when you see one and will only follow you if it sees you.

4. A Good tip is to only take on what you can handle. Its up to the player to take it slow and avoid the lich at first.

5. Most important tip is Lich`s can always be found at the top of every map giving the player an option to not encounter them unless they choose to. Just be sure they don’t see you or don’t have a stray bullet hit one of them because they can get cranky!


First lets talk about Verses mode.

1. You are immortal (Infinite Lives) as long as you have nightmares on your team. This will show at the top of your screen on how many Nightmares each player has.

2. On the arena map all Players will start out on the same side for 30 seconds. This is for each player to kill as many Nightmares as possible without killing another player. Not Yet Anyhow! For every nightmare killed by that player will spawn in on their side once the battle begins after that first 30 seconds. This first part is to build your army.

3. To win you must hold the middle arena which will eventuality change to your color Dreamwalker indicating you are in the lead. If you hold in that color circle long enough that Player wins the game.

4. Another way to win the game is to Explore and Eliminate all other colored Nightmares that are on Opposing Teams then finish off that player since they are no longer immortal.

5. If all other players are eliminated and the middle ring has not been held long enough a Demon will spawn to encourage the player to hold the middle to win. A win will occur if the middle is completed by the player or the demon is killed.

Co-op Mode

1. Points are shared so players can achieve Dreamwalker Rank together.

2. Players can still kill each other so be careful of stray Bullets.

3. A good tip is to find different areas from one another so stray bullets cannot occur.

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