Wanking Simulator: 100% Achievement Guide

Wanking Simulator – 100% Achievements


Wanking Simulator 100% Achievement Guide

1. Anthony Fapua.

Knock out 3 people at a time.

2. Die

To die for the first time.

3. Beginner Wanker
wank over 50 people in one game.
Knocked out people can be shaken, for this you need to go and press Caps Lock.

4. Mike Fapson

Knock out 200 people in one game

5. Medicore Wanker
100 people per game.
Continuing Achievement #3.

6. It’s all over

Go through all the plot chapters.

7. Investigator
Collect all the secret items.
Scattered around the town are 5 large rolls of toilet paper. Explore the area and houses. Don’t forget to look at the roof of the school and the church. In general, it will not be difficult to find them.

8. Gladiator

Hold out 5 waves in Arena mode.

First, immediately turn on Caps Lock, jerk on defeated enemies to accumulate mana.
By pressing Q in spells, it is advisable to choose magic that restores health. Use magic on R.

Try to lean back and kick back at F.

If you see a large cluster of enemies around you on the map, use the magic hit on the ground – F in the jump.

Collect money and crates around the arena, in the boxes there are throwing weapons, use on the G, and do not hesitate to buy useful elixirs from the merchant.

9. No Challenge for me
You need to complete 5 sets of tests in the allotted time.
In general, the tests are not very difficult and are quickly passed.

10. Parkour Master
Go through 5 levels of parkour killing everyone and not dying.
Super Run – Double tap on Shift.
Double Jump – Double tap on Space.
To move to the next level you need to find a small pedestal, and before that kill everyone.
In vain you took on this achievement, madman.

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