War Thunder: Top 5 Best Nations For Tanks (2022 Edition)

Here is a list of the top 5 best nations for tanks in War Thunder 2022 Edition.


[Top 5] War Thunder Best Nations For Tanks (2022 Edition)

#5 Great Britain (Best for experienced players)

What Great Britain excels in:

+ Supporting other players
+ Sucking up a lot of damage
+ Securing strategic points.

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Different playstyles to work with
+ A good challenge for low and mid-tier matches
+ A large number of vehicles to research and play with

Nation Overall Tank Score: 75/100

#4 Sweden (Best for defensive roles)

What Sweden excels in:

+ Defensive doctrine
+ Hit-and-run tactics
+ Harassing heavier enemy tanks

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Playing on the defensive
+ Very singular designs
+ Fast, lightly armored vehicles

Nation Overall Tank Score: 77/100

#3 Germany (Best for heavy tanks and high-caliber cannons)

What Germany excels in:

+ One-hitting enemy tanks
+ Switching up playstyles when needed
+ Dealing with heavier enemy tanks

Pick this nation if you like:

+ High-caliber guns;
+ Heavy Armor;
+ Methodical Gameplay.

Nation Overall Tank Score: 90/100

#2 USSR/Russia (Best for fast, well armored heavy-hitting tanks)

What the USSR excels in:

+ Flanking the enemy
+ Capturing points
+ Diverse line-ups

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Fast, reliable tanks
+ Powerful guns
+ Aggressive playstyles

Nation Overall Tank Score: 95/100

#1 USA (Best for balanced, powerful tanks)

What the USA excels in:

+ Solid line-ups
+ Flanking the enemy
+ Resisting frontal attacks

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Powerful main battle tanks
+ Fast and agile vehicles
+ Lots of Shermans

Nation Overall Tank Score: 98/100

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