Warhammer 40000 Darktide: All Penance Guide

This is for all my fellow guardsmen out there looking to unlock those sweet sweet free cosmetics


Tiered Penances

+++I Love the Militarum!+++

You will unlock a new tier of this penance every 5 levels up to 30. Higher difficulty missions award more XP.

+++Through The Mud+++

This one requires you to complete missions as the Veteran Sharpshooter. Grinding lower difficulty missions can make completing this penance easier.

+++Vantage Point+++

You will need to complete all 7 mission types on a certain difficulty to progress through this penance.

  • Strike
  • Assassination
  • Repair
  • Disruption
  • Investigation
  • Raid
  • Espionage

+++On Target+++

There is a list of other veteran penances required to progress through this one.

-First tier

  • I Love the Militarum! (4)
  • Vantage Point (1)
  • Through The Mud (1)
  • Long Bomb
  • Marked For Death

-Second Tier

  • I Love the Militarum! (5)
  • Vantage Point (2)
  • Through The Mud (2)
  • On Overwatch
  • One In the Chamber

-Third Tier

  • I Love the Militarum! (6)
  • Vantage Point (3)
  • Through The Mud (3)
  • Deadeye
  • Make Every Shot Count

Any Difficulty

+++Marked For Death+++

For this one you’ll need to hit 4 shots during Volley Fire without missing, on an enemies weak spot while holding down right click and without missing.
Easiest way to achieve this is on the Beast of Nurgle as it is slow and has a large weak spot on its back. If you are using an automatic weapon you should shoot individual shots to make sure you don’t miss.

+++Long Bomb+++

You need to hit 5 enemies with a grenade explosion before it hits the ground or a wall for this one. Look for a map with long hallways or where you are above a group of enemies and hold left click and aim for the sky to get a large arc. This one might take a while to get, using the perk to regen grenades every minute can give you an advantage.

Malice Difficulty

+++On Overwatch+++

This one says you need to not take any melee damage. You can get hit by melee, you just cannot take any health damage from melee. IF YOU GET HIT AT FULL TOUGHNESS YOU DO NOT FAIL THE PENANCE. I’ve read that damage from the Pox Hound and Mutant do not count but cannot confirm this myself.

+++One In the Chamber+++

Kill 5 enemies with the last round in your clip on one mission. If you are having trouble try using a low magazine count weapon with high damage like the stub revolver or shotgun.

Heresy Difficulty

+++Make Every Shot Count+++

The hardest penance, hands down. Doing this without cheating it is a pain and not fun for you or your team. If you are determined to try it get some friends to coordinate with. You need to end the mission with no ammo and 100% accuracy. Low ammo count weapons are your best bet here, stub revolver or shotgun, plasma gun can be good if you use charged shots to waste a lot of ammo. Keep in mind you naturally have a higher ammo count as a veteran and that elite kills give you ammo.
Your best choice is to cheat this one. Get to the end of a mission and shoot all your ammo until you have one bullet left. Then alt-f4 out of the game and reconnect while having your team wait to extract. hit an enemy that is not an elite with your final shot and GTFO.


Get a kill with weak spot hits on 5 enemies in one use of Volley Fire. It’s best to be level 30 for this, all level 30 perks refresh your Volley Fire on highlighted enemies. Counterfire is the best choice for this as it also causes regular shooters to become designated targets. Wait until a big group of shooters show up (they come in packs of about 6-7 on this difficulty) and aim for those headshots. The best Weapons for this will be a stub revolver or single shot lasgun.

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