Wartales: Fishing Guide for Belerion DLC Map

Who knew that playing side-ways Flappy Bird could be such a therapeutic yet frustrating activity.
A map to find all those elusive fishing spots & more.



Full map of Belerion Archipelago with all fishing spots marked.
Not all fishing spots regenerate.
Lumber, mine & pirate treasures marked as well.

This guide was made on Wartales version: v.1.0.31946

Getting Ship-shape

You’ll need an companion with Angler profession & hook to get started.
Besides the base fishing method, there is also the ship trawling method.
Just assign a companion & move slowly through the fish trails until it disappears.

Full Map

Wind Map Detail – North

Wind Map Detail – South


! Marks the entrance to coves of unchartered rocks

Achievement – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

  • Freshwater fish – can be found in rivers & inland lakes including other regions
    Carp, Perch, Pike, Eel, Bream
  • Seawater fish – can be found on coastal fishing spots
    Eel, Sardine, Bream, Prawns
  • Deep Sea fish – offshore fishing spots only
    Tuna, Ray, Shark
  • Special – Ioc’h Island under rock near to Pirate’s Treasure

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