Wartales: 100% Map Guide (v1.18519) with Annotations

100% Map guide of four first regions (Tiltren, Vertruse, Arthes, Ludern) + Mount Altis. Showing how to cross every border for free and marking Knowledge Books, Secrets, Treasures, Bosses, Black Market Agents and Camp Equipment



First of all I have to mention this maps is a massive spoiler for the game(though I doubt that anyone looking for full map guide would be surprised with it I have to write it)

If you are ready\looking for spoilers or just want to build new party before Gosenberg update with all new updates for the game and don’t want to try and recall all the secret and not such locations this guide is for you.

It will show every Border Crossing path to avoid paying toll or wasting Border pass (though you can get more then you need passes atm and can start your game even in Vertruse to get border pass from secret and then avoid paying toll for all regions using pitons), Knowledge Books, Secrets, Black Market Agents, Bosses and Camp equipment locations by region.

Tiltren County

Mount Altis

Vertruse Province

County of Arthes

Ludern Region

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