Weaving Tides: Achievement Guide 100%

A little guide to help getting 100%.

Finished, except for 2 missing ribbons.



Chapter 1 – Silken Desert
The controls are based on an XBox 360 controller.

  • No Socks!
    Open inventory, go to Collectibles, select the socks and activate them (A Button).
  • Leave a mark
    First Stitch.
    Press R2 to dive underground, hold the button and move a little. Stop holding the button to go back up.
  • Sewing Machine
    Make some really fast stitches.
    Spam R2 while moving around.
  • Silken Desert
    Visit the Silken Desert.
  • Baaaaa
    Stitch down a Woolie.
    In the area east of the seer you will get a quest to catch some flying sheep. Stitch down their leashes to get them to the ground, then sew them down.
  • Helping Hand
    Help Bo collect all his Woolies.
    Catch the few flying sheep in this area (all are near the shepherd).
  • Tasty Bite
    Get bitten by a Yapper.
    Yapper are the dog-like creatures.
  • Yapper Flip
    Flip that Yapper like a pancake.
  • Starstruck
    Dash a foe and stitch while its dizzy.
    Start with stitching before a Yapper, dash through it and start stitching again, this will bind the Yapper to the ground. Repeat this to defeat the Yapper.
  • Was that a Tongue?
    Get hit by a Turteleon
    These are the chameleon-like creatures.
  • X marks the Spot
    In the Temple Ruins, after meeting Twill and solving the little puzzle, you’ll get some chests. South of them you’ll see some glitter on the ground. Dive into it a few times to get lots of thread essences.
  • Don’t give up!
    Died for the first time.
    Easy done at the first boss.
  • Defeated the Dungeon Guardian
    Defeat the guardian of the desert dungeon.
    Stitch its tail down, until you can stitch down the boss.
  • I’m gonna sew you
    Collect 50 thread essence at once.
    After the first boss, a ring will appear. Pull it down and many thread essences will fall down. Collect them all quickly.

Chapter 2 – The Spun Forests

  • Spun Forests
    Visit the Spun Forests.
  • Twill
    Receive Twill’s flute.
    Activate the Shrine right at the start of Chapter 2 to get the Flute and a new weaver for your team.
  • Lifesaver
    Pull the right strings to defuse a dangerous situation
    At the beginning of Chapter 2, go east after helping the merchant. You will see a huge plant falling on a Yapper. Pull the ring (tongue) off the plant to get rid of it.
  • It’s a Trap!
    Caged inside a Toothy Flower.
    When you see green goo fall to the ground from above. Go there and a large plant will fall down and try to eat you.
  • Variety Lover
    Some Weavers appreciate variety when being petted.
    In Angana pet and brush Twill.
    Can be done in any village/town where you can pet the weaver.
  • Comb Anxiety
    Not every Weaver likes the barber.
    Keep brushing Kilim, he won’t like it.
    Can be done in any village/town where you can pet the weaver.
  • Who was that?
    Sneak up behind a Mole.
    Dive and go behind a mole, then sew it down.
  • Tear it down!
    Tear down the tower of cushions.
    When you meet the merchant again, go south from him. You will see a small tower. Pull all the rings and sew them down. Dash through the threads to unleash the rings. This will collapse the tower.
  • Luce
    Receive Luce’s flute.
    In Raffia Maze you will find another weaver named Luce who will join your team.
  • Reunion
    Reconcile with Kilim.
  • Defeated the Rag Eater
    Defeat the Rag Eater.
    Pull the platform to one of the holes, when the snake will dive and hit the platform it will be stunned.
    The best way I found was to stay near the entrance and just use the 2 nearby holes for the platform and then just wait for the snake to hit it.
    The only attacks that can hit you there are the poison attacks, but there are easy to dodge.

Chapter 3 – Mothkin Empire

  • Mothkin Empire
    Visit the Mothkin Empire.
  • Don’t touch!
    Is that a beard? I want to touch it!
    In Khee City, keep petting Luce, he won’t like it.
    Can be done in any village/town where you can pet the weaver.
  • Prison Break
    Release the weavers from their cages.

Chapter 4 – The Wastes

  • The Wastes
    Visit the Wastes.
  • Defeated a deity
    Defeat Dea.

Chapter 5 – Dormant Core

  • Dormant Core
    Uncover the Dormant Core.

Story – Grind

You’ll get most of these as you play through the story.

  • Stitch Apprentice
    Stitch 1000 meters.
  • Stitch Expert
    Stitch 5000 meters.
  • Stitch Demigod
    Stitch 10,000 meters.
  • So you like breaking stuff?
    Break 500 obstacles.
    Use dash to break through them.
  • Speed Runner
    Dash 500 times.
    Press A to dash.
  • (W)hole again
    Make the world whole again and stitch up 250 holes.
    Sew through a hole to close it.
  • Wealthy
    1482 thread essence collected.
    You will get many by closing holes and opening chests.

Story – Collectibles

There is no map and no mini-map in the game. If you miss one, you can return to a level via chapter select.

Artist’s Palette
All ribbons unlocked.

There are 34 ribbons in the game.

Chapter 1
1. Blue Triangle Ribbon
You get it automatically when you start the game.

2. Orange Ribbon
After the area with a lot of Yappers moving even underground, dive down and go south to a big hole. After closing the hole, you will get a chest and the ribbon from it.

3. Blue Ribbon
In a chest behind a tent (near the seer).

4. Yellow Royal Ribbon
In an area with purple plants in the center, dive south into an area with a puzzle.
The ribbon is the reward for solving the puzzle.

5. Neutral Ribbon
In the temple ruins, where you can open 2 doors by drawing a ring. There are many flying chests behind one of the doors, sew down their strings to bring them down.
The ribbon is in one of them.

6. Tesselated Ribbon
In Temple Ruins, in the room with the 3 statues. Pull the rings in the right order to reveal a chest. First the one in the north with the story about a beginning, then the one in the south with the story about the dark waves, then the statue in the middle with the story about the ending.

7. Yellow Candy Ribbon
From the merchant after defeating the first boss.

8. Pulsing Orange Ribbon
After meeting Dea, take the path southwest and open the chest.

Chapter 2
9. Pink Camouflage Ribbon
Automatically at the beginning of Chapter 2.

10. White Ribbon
North of the starting point you will find 2 statues. One is missing a few words in the middle. The other statue has the missing part. Pull the ring from the right statue, wait a moment and pull the ring from the left statue, when the sentence is complete a chest will appear.

11. Pulsing Blue Ribbon
After solving the first puzzle and going through the door, go north, you will find a glittering thread on the ground, dive into it a couple of times and it will move to another location, follow it and dive again inside, repeat until a chest appears.

12. Violet Ribbon
In Angana behind the priest/left side of the statue in a chest.

13. Green Pulsing Ribbon
After the puzzle at the 2 moles, go through the door and turn right from there. Between the trees and plants you will see a chest above you. At the right end you can dive through all the trees and plants and reach the chest.

14. Fall Leaves Ribbon
From where you dived to the green pulsing ribbon, head south to an area with lots of plants/traps falling on you. To the south you will see a chest with some thorns. To get there, take the path on the left.

15. Yellow Diamond Ribbon
Obtained automatically after Luce joins the team.

16. Forest Vigor Ribbon
After meeting the deity again (near the boss room) come to a maze of green leaves, dive through it and look for some glittery threads on the ground. Dive into it a few times and it will move to another location, follow it and dive in again. Repeat this until a chest appears.

17. Lovely Ribbon
After the boss, near the vortex.

Chapter 3
18. Yellow Floral Ribbon
In the starting area where the sheep are. Northwest you’ll find a flying chest. Sew the thread down to get the chest.

19. Lucky’s Ribbon
At the guard dog training ground.

20. ?

21. Pink Pulsing Ribbon
Go northwest on the path blocked by some guards to a puzzle with 4 statues. The nearby NPC tells the order in which to draw the rings. He also mentions that 1 ring must be at rest, don’t pull that one.

22. Cloud Kingdom Day Ribbon
After passing the guards you will come to some sheep blocking a path on the right. Lure them away with your thread and follow the path. You will see a flying chest in a fenced area, use the plant’s thread to pull it down a bit until you can pull it down yourself.

23. Empire Vigor Ribbon
In the puzzle area, where you need to cover some eyes near a large statue, take the path northeast. Near the platform you need is a chest with the ribbon inside.

24. Fruity Ribbon
In Khee City, east side behind some tents.

25. ?

26. Calligraphy Ribbon
In the library, near the big statue.

27. Violet Pulsing Ribbon
In prison, near your cell.

28. Blue Candy Ribbon
In the prison, at the point where the dogs move above and below ground, take the path west to a chest.

29. Cloud Kingdom Night Ribbon
After the black ribbon, go south to 3 statues. Pull the rings and sew them down. Then release them at the same time to get a chest.

30. Black Ribbon
Inside the prison, in a chest near the shrine.

31. Pink Candy Ribbon
After the prison, hidden behind the small camp. Pull the platform away and dive to the chests.

Chapter 4
32. Violet Royal Ribbon
First area, in a chest, near a red tent.

33. Blue Royal Ribbon
Second area (before the boss), statue puzzle. Use the right weaver on the right statue.
The most caring = Kelim (blue weaver)
The Bravest = Twill (Pink/Purple Weaver)
The Noble = Luce (yellow weaver)

Chapter 5
34. Corrupted Ribbon
At the starting point in a chest.


  • First Save
    Save your first Playgrounds creation
    Your creation will be saved when you return to the menu.


  • Audiophile
    Turn on the music and forget about the world.
    Under Options – Audio set Music to maximum, SFX and Ambient Volume to 0.


No missable achievements as you can go back via chapter select.

Time to complete

Around 12 hours for 100%.

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