Welcome to Free Will: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Welcome to Free Will Walkthrough – Episode 1

All the Episode 1 passwords:

1st Password: 69position
2nd Password: RosaRightBoob
3rd Password: mrlongdick

Me too (+ Kate)
Your choice (take off…)
Stay with Kate (+ Kate & Kate scene) or Go to Timo (+ Timo)
Free roam: Click on everything
Take the money
Kate’s boyfriend: Mason
Go right > Talk to Kate
Left x3
Get the phone and the notebook from the desk drawer
Talk to Kate
Left x2 > Right door > get dressed
Promise (+ Kate)
Make Fun (+ Timo)
Choose all
Do the talking (+ Timo)
Look at her
Free roam:
Check messages (mobile, top right) and reply (your choices)
Call Kate
Talk to Rosa > Watch a movie together > Your choice
Magazine password: 69position
Check Moone’s room (Hallway > Moone’s room) > Join in
Talk to Timo > Your Choice > Help Him
Left > Talk to Moone > Touch
Hallway > Bathroom > Shower > Silent > Arm > Legs
Let me help you (+ Nikki)
Free Roam:
Bathroom: Magazine (answer a) > open all the drawers (4)
Nikki’s room > talk to Nikki
Left > click on the bag > Computer > check the mails
Hallway > Moone’s room > Magazine (answer c)
Dining room > eat breakfast
Your choice
Look closer
Your choice
Smile at her

Gym Minigame

Chest > They’re perfect (minigame > press space fast and reach 10)
Legs (minigame > press space fast and reach 10)
Back (minigame > press space fast and reach 10)
Abs (minigame > press space fast and reach 10)
We can call it a date
Answer Nikki
You deserve it
Touch her hand
Amazing friendship
Kiss her
Free Roam:
Message Kate & Rosa
Call Lily > I like you
Moone’s room > Left > Timo > Your choice > left > Magazine > Password: RosaRightBoob)
Kitchen > Breakfast
Living Room > Talk to Rosa
Get the Sparkplugs (upper right corner)
Door > Peek > Your choice > You are a wonderful woman > Kiss X2
Free Roam
Magazine (right) password: mrlongdick
Rocky: Your choice
Left > Coupole > Your choice > pick up something under the right side of the bridge
Right > door > Callum
Kitchen > Fridge & Money
Hallway > Left door > Tell them > Keeping my mouth… > Else > Your choice

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